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April 11, 2013


2 (who?)
[ ] You're one of the fastest of all of your friends.
[/] You're willing to help anyone when they need it, no matter what. (only friends)
[ ] You have someone who follows you around.
[ ] You go where your feet take you.
[ ] You don't like standing still for too long.
[ ] You hate water.
[x] You love moving around but you know how to relax too.
[ ] You play by your own rules and are very cocky.
[x] You are extremely loyal.
[ ] You are a person that everyone seems to go to when they want to talk about something.
Total: 2.5

[x] You are kind of strange.
[ ] You're often called cute.
[ ] People tend to underestimate you. (I underestimate myself, thank you)
[x] You have someone you call a sibling even though they are not related to you.
[x] You tend to rely on one person other than yourself.
[x] You are very intelligent.
[ ] You are good with machines.  
[ ] You are one of the youngest out of your friends.
[x] You are often called "nerdy".
[x] You don't think much of yourself
Total: 6.0

[ ] You are one of the strongest of your friends.
[x] You are very protective of your possessions. (The Xbox. Drop it!)
[/] You keep your emotions to yourself but people can tell how you really feel. (most of the time it's jumping the gun on their part)
[ ] You are very gullible. (I'm loyal, not an idiot)
[ ] You are very stubborn and head strong.
[ ] You have a friend who is also a rival to you.
[ ] You are quick to fight before talking things through. (I'd presume speaking counts as "fighting", but I'm not risking)
[x] You often jump to conclusions.
[ ] People often try to wind you up and succeed.
[x] After people get to know you, they describe you as a very nice person.
Total: 3.5

[/] You are very cheerful. (When possible)
[x] You are definitely an optimist.
[ ] You don't care what people say
[ ] You are quick to try and solve a problem by hitting it on the head!
[x] Some people find you annoying. (Including myself)
[x] You will never give up.
[ ] You would do anything to get your own way.
[x] You are very protective over the people you care for.
[/] You are good at giving advice. (once I see it working, I can say it for sure)
[ ] You seem stupid, but are actually quite wise.
Total: 5.0

[ ] You are mysterious.
[ ] You seem evil, but usually turn out to be good in the end.
[ ] You are vindictive.
[x] You will do anything for certain people.
[ ] You will not let anything get in your way.
[ ] You are egotistical.
[ ] You are independent.
[ ] People often call you "Emo" or "Goth".
[ ] You don't smile very often, and normally look angry or annoyed.
Total: 1.0

[ ] You love jewelry.
[ ] You are very flirty.
[x] You love teasing people.
[/] You are very sarcastic.
[ ] You would do anything to get what you desire.
[ ] You are not good or evil.
[ ] You'd rather look out for number one.
[ ] You brag a lot.
[x] You hate losing. (it's pathological, I FEAR losing)
[ ] You never accept defeat.
Total: 2.5

[ ] You use overly complex phrases
[x] If something confuses you you research it later
[ ] You don't act it but you are quite co-dependent
[ ] You only trust a small amount of people
[/] You're quite an angry person (not often, but I stress easy)
[ ] You consider yourself the best in your family
[ ] You'll do anything to prove your strength
[x] You repeat things a lot (check the annoying part above)
[/] You like weaponry
[x] You are very knowledgeable when others need it
Total: 4.0

[/] You are often naive.
[x] You will do anything to help your planet.
[ ] You have one main friend that you can rely on.
[x] You beat yourself up when something goes wrong.
[x] You will do anything to protect your friends.
[x] You are sometimes whiny but calm down soon enough.
[ ] You'd be so lost without that one friend's help.
[x] You are quite childish and immature.
[ ] You are a very proud person.
Total: 5.5

[ ] You are quick on your feet and are very quick witted.
[ ] You are very stealthy.
[x] You are very knowledgeable on society. (I'm surrounded by the brain-dead... :stare: )
[ ] You are a little bit shy.
[/] You're scared of heights. (not THAT much)
[/] You're solemn, and anti-social. (according to others)
[/] You prefer to be alone, but still enjoy time with your CLOSE friends... (I LOVE spending time with people)
[ ] You dislike it when the spotlight is on you.
[x] You sometimes have anger outbursts. (sometimes?)
[x] You are willing to make sacrifices for the people you care about.
[x] You are over-protective.
Total: 5.5

I'm Tails, huh? I'll take it, then!

stolen from :Helen-RubiTH:

By popular request:

Chris Thorndyke:
[ ] You're modestly/incredibly wealthy.
[ ] You feel like something is always missing in your life.
[ ] You sometimes feel like an adult in a younger body.
[ ] People misjudge you often.
[ ] You love adventure and excitement.
[ ] You like practicing sports and/or martial arts.
[ ] You're highly intelligent for your age.
[ ] You love the idea of seeing other worlds.
[ ] You make friends easily.
[ ] You feel lonely and detached from your family.
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Looks like I'm Blaze.
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pkstarstorm1up Featured By Owner Apr 11, 2013
At times for 2, half the time for three. The other half is the opposite, yes for 4, yes for 5, used to for 6, yes for 7, yes for 8, When I was little I made friends very easy, in high school I didn't have many friends until my senior year where everyone started liking me suddenly. And as I've had quite a few deaths in my family yes to 10 to an extent.
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