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November 17, 2012
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Part 8

Viridian City

Among the severe storm, Eggman's Egg Mobile hastily "landed" at the top of the Team Rocket HQ, where his giant machine, created to make a body for MissingNo, was at. Around it, several Legendary Pokémon from Kanto to Sinnoh were trapped in glass spheres which reflected their attacks onto themselves if they tried to escape it. However, in a few spots, there were actually average Pokémon

The mad doctor walked hastily towards the Rocket Leader, who stood - with his Persian by his side - in front of the giant device.

"Giovanni, what is the meaning of this!!" shouted Eggman. "I told you to SPECIFICALLY bring Legendary Pokémon!"

"Oh, YOU told me?" asked the Rocket Leader, turning around to face him. "I thought we planned it together!"

"But it was MY idea!!" defended the doctor. "I told you to bring them all together so that the energy source would be more consistent!!"

"And make me deliver all these Pokémon to YOU!? Do you know what we, Team Rocket, just accomplished!? Thanks to you, we have the most VISED, MOST POWERFUL Pokémon roster in the entire world!! They're all priceless, not even worth the money on the black market!! With all these together PLUS Number, Team Rocket can RULE this ENTIRE world!!"

"You treacherous monkey-suited nincompoop!! You and I had a DEAL!!"

"Oh, you want to speak of our 'deal'?? How long was it gonna take for you to stab me in the back?? Don't think I'm not two steps ahead of you, Robotnik! Your friend Weever warned me beforehand of your little plan!"

Eggman grunted, gritting his teeth together.

"That meddlesome Englishman!" he shouted. "I should have dealt with him a LONG time ago!"

"Doctor!!" warned Decoe from the Egg Mobile.

"I knew we should have reminded him to keep his mouth shut...!" complained Bocoe.

Giovanni was boiling mad at this revelation, but for some reason his face was displaying a sick grin.

"I knew it...!" he said. "Don't worry, though. With my plan in motion, Number will come to be like you always wanted! Only problem is, our partnership ends here!"

The Persian suddenly glared at Eggman and began to walk slowly and menacingly towards him. Eggman immediately fell back on his behind and began crawling back to his Egg Mobile.

"Dispatch the robots!! QUICKLY!!!" he ordered his goons.

"Persian!" commanded Giovanni. "USE FU--"


A large electric shock descended upon Persian, momentarily paralyzing him and stopping him from executing his attack. Giovanni gazed perplex over the scene as he saw a young boy and his Pikachu rush into the scene.

"YOU!!" said Giovanni. "That kid with the Pikachu I keep hearing of!!"

"And you're the Team Rocket Leader!" he said. "We're both famous around here, aren't we!"

Eggman took this chance to run away, but once he got to his Egg Mobile...

"Where ya goin', Eggman? Don't you wanna stay longer to catch up??"

On the vessel was Sonic, his feet laying over the two henchmen's heads like a footrest. He then jumped out and stood before his arch-enemy. Eggman tried to run, only to meet Shadow and Dr. von Neuron, the latter with his laser outlet pointed at him.

"Impossible!!" said Eggman. "You have a weapon!?"

"Apparently all scientists do, nowadays." said Doc. "I just wanted to go with the flow."

Giovanni tried to run the other way, only to be blocked by Lucario and Sir Aaron, followed by Tracy and Misty.

"Don't even think about it." said the Aura Pokémon.

Flavio and Chris were the next ones to pop up, the latter with Riolu on his shoulders.

"You guys are going down, now!" said Chris.

"Give back all those Pokémon plus my little friend's parents and MAYBE you'll go unharmed!" said Flavio, sword in hand.

"Ri lu ri!" finished Riolu.

The Rocket Leader paled and stepped back in fear, until a loud rumbling behind him caught his attention. The machine had started its draining process, absorbing energy out of the Legendary Pokémon in the spheres around it, and channeling it all into the middle structure, a large needle-like energy conductor, which now had a great white sphere growing within it.

"He he he he... It's starting!!" shouted Giovanni. "The Ultimate Pokémon is emerging!! Let me show YOU, Mewtwo, what REAL POWER LOOKS LIKE!!!"

The sphere then burst into a flash of light, temporarily blinding everyone present. However, when the light subsided, the heroes started wishing they didn't.

The result of the flash was a huge monstrosity standing just next to the building and at the same heigh, the machine that created it now strapped to its large back, along with the cables connecting to the spheres where the Legendary were trapped in. The rest of its body was humanoid in shape, but fully made of raw energy, with a texture resembling TV static all over its hideous body. One of its arms was in the shape of a blade, while the other was slightly shorter and with clawed talons at the end, resembling a big reptile's. The rest of the body was average for the most part, but the top of the creature's head was blurry and disfigured, further complementing the feeling of what this creature really is.

A mishmash of data. A glitch. A fault in existence. The Missing Number.

"MissingNo..." whispered Flavio.

The creature immediately roared to announce its new-found existence, what it was trying to achieve all along. Giovanni immediately took out a control from under his sleeves and pressed a button, causing a red spark to hit Missing Number, but apparently not doing anything to it. The Rocket leader then stepped back in fear after it.

"I-impossible...!!" he said. "Th-that man, he warned me to be cautious, and I did so! What went wrong!?"

"What man!!" shouted Doc, before reading Giovanni's mind quickly. "Giovanni, tell me right now!! Did Weever talk to you!? Did HE tell you to be cautious!?"

"Yes!!!" the man spat back. "The machine was meant for mind-control, HOW COULD IT FAIL!!"

Since he was looking at Doc, he didn't see the monster lowering its hideous blank head towards him. Giovanni felt it, however, and turned around to see nothing but a blank face with no features at all staring back at him.

He could only begin to scream as the creature's blurry face immediately showed a black hole of a mouth that began charging a Hyper Beam to fire at point-blank range. Sonic immediately ran past Number and grabbed Giovanni before it could hit him, however, saving him by an inch. The creature, mad at the interruption, roared once again and began channeling an attack through its own body, which began mutating horribly, creating two Kyogre wings on its back and firing a powerful Hydro Pump attack randomly.

It was then that the heroes realized that the spheres containing the larger Legendary Pokémon were now missing, and only the smaller ones along with the non-Legendary were visible protruding from Missing Number's back. Doc peered into the creature's mind, and despite seeing nothing, he heard much.

"The larger ones..." he said. "They're part of that thing, now!!"

Along the spheres, the young Riolu noticed his parents, desperately looking to escape.

"LU RI LU!!!" he cried, reaching for them.

That was it for Flavio and the others. This was personal.

The creature started to walk towards somewhere, far from the building.

"Where's it going!!" shouted Chris.

"The city..." said Dr. Eggman. "It's trying to gather more energy into its body!!"

"We gotta stop him before he gets there!!" said Ash.

The Team Rocket trio looked at each other and nodded before immediately running down a fire escape ladder below, unnoticed by the others. When they got down, they immediately got in front of the giant beast, much to everyone's shock.

"What are those three morons doing!?" said Shadow.

Giovanni stumbled forward, half-crazed.

"What are you doing!!" he shouted ferociously. "Don't you DARE interfere with MY creation, otherwise you'll be FIRED!!"

The trio didn't care about the threat. They had a plan, they would see it through.

"Yoo-hooo!" shouted Jessie. "Look down here, you big lug of a deity!!"

The creature indeed actually stopped and looked down at the trio with its non-existent face.

"What now?" whispered James.

"I have no idea, I just thought until this point...!" confessed Jessie.

"What!? You can't be serious, can ya!?" said Meowth. "We've gotta do something now or else it'll run away!!"

As if in cue, the creature began channeling energy from the pair of Lucarios, hurting them greatly in the process, and then firing a huge Aura Sphere from its mouth at the trio, who just barely managed to escape the attack. Riolu was terrified of the sight, but then realized that Dr. von Neuron was not moving from his spot, scratching his chin in thought.

"Lu!" he called. "Riolu!!"

Doc looked at him briefly, and then at the creature, still partially immersed in thought, especially after reading Giovanni's mind.

"This makes no sense..." he thought. "Why would Ryan encourage Giovanni to make a mistake while still creating this thing...? What could he possibly want by thi--"

He then saw the contraption still stuck to the creature's back, noticing all lines converged in a single invisible point within the beast's body. It had to be keeping it together somehow, it should have a core. A "heart". Finally it hit him, it was the point where all the energy was converging. The weak spot.

"Shadow...!" he said. "You, Amy and Knuckles go down there and help them distract Number! Whatever it takes to do it, do NOT let him face this building!"

Shadow nodded as he jumped down, the others following suite. Doc then pulled out of his pocket a small laser gun for Chris and turned to his communicator.

"Seymour, drop them here." he said.

A small portal opened, and a suitcase fell through, opening on impact, revealing the Chaos Emeralds. This somehow caused Number to IMMEDIATELY turn its head towards them.

"DRAT!!" cursed Doc. "Knuckles, the cables!!! Hit the cables on its back!!"

The echidna complied and jumped as high as he could, hitting the cable linked to the Eon duo's sphere and immediately snapping it, releasing Latios and Latias from their prison. The loss of a link caused the beast to roar in extreme agony, its face briefly morphing into Latios' before returning to its blurry state. Number then immediately turned back to its original course to deal with its attackers.

"Seymour, close the portal and KEEP it shut!!" ordered the scientist. "Whatever happens, do NOT open it until Number is defeated!!"

"Just please be careful!" pleaded the boy.

The gateway closed as ordered, followed by an Earthquake move that Number copied from Groudon, which everyone had to brace themselves to handle.

"Alright, everyone listen up!!" shouted Doc. "Use projectile attacks at Number when he's facing away from us! Aim for the back, where the cables are and take them all down, we have to limit his power! And under NO circumstances we must let him reach Viridian City OR the Kanto region in general! He HAS to fall, and he has to fall HERE!"

Everyone agreed and, after some more Pokémon coming out of their Pokéballs and on the count of three, opened full fire on the creature, hitting the cables trapping the Legendary Beasts and the Legendary Birds. The creature again turned around to try and reach the building, but a hammer strike from Amy and Seviper's Poison Tail attack caused it even more pain as the Regi quartet was also released, followed by Celebi. As the creature turned back and again from its routes, more and more Pokémon were released from its back, until all of them were finally out of the spheres. The creature gave one more roar before falling to its knees.

"IT WORKED!!" said Flavio, high-fiving Riolu. "He's weake-- Wait, but if he's still up..."

"Don't count on victory just yet, Flavio!" warned Dr. von Neuron, Hitsuyō on his hands. "This final boss has more phases left!"

And indeed, Groudon's arms emerged from the creature's waist, followed by Kyogre's fins on its back. The released Pokémon joined the groups to try and cause the creature more damage.

"Bingo...!" said Doc. "Rayquaza! I need a Take Down, straight into that thing's core!"

The dragon Pokémon roared in agreement and took to the skies, quickly dashing towards the beast and ramming so hard into its chest, that he actually passed right through Number, and literally pushing Groudon and Kyogre out of it, Kyogre falling onto a convenient beach shore near a cliff. But Number still wasn't done, as a total of three pairs of wings emerged from its back, along with his feet being replaced by talons, as he began flying above the ground.

"Sonic, use the Emeralds! Arceus, he's your enemy, you know what comes next!" said Doc.

The God Pokémon floated towards his enemy in agreement.

"I will not let you destroy this world of ours!" he announced before his plates began reacting. "Get ready to face my JUDGEMENT!!"

A rain of golden beams fell from the sky towards Number, several of them hitting it, three hits being enough to take Lugia, Ho-Oh and Giratina out of him as well, and as a plus from Arceus' power, Dialga and Palkia were also kicked out of it with the impact.

This huge loss of energy was finally what it took to make Missing Number extremely vulnerable, reducing it to a smaller base form, but still a giant one. Super Sonic was already prepared.

"The core, Sonic." said Doc. "You know where it is, you know how to get there. Finish him!"

Sonic nodded and took off towards the beast, but Ash's Pikachu didn't want to be left out of the action. It flat out ran towards Sonic as he was flying and jumped, landing on his back.

"Pikachu, what are you doing!!" shouted Ash.

"Pika pikaaaa!" he shouted back.

Ash of course understood what he said, basically a message of "I know what I'm doing". Impulsive, just like his trainer.

"Couldn't keep out of the fun, could ya!" joked Sonic, smirking.

"Pikachu!" the yellow mouse replied with a smirk of his own.

Ash understood. It was time.

"Alright, then!" he said. "Sonic, hope you can take a few volts!"

"Don't worry! A little boost oughta be nice!!" the hedgehog shouted back.

As Sonic increased in speed, Ash waited and waited, until the window of opportunity finally hit.


The Pokémon did so, the electricity hitting himself and Sonic, who flinched at first, but the static energy was starting to accommodate with the Chaos Energy, creating a golden shield of energy around the two, as they went as fast as an asteroid towards the beast.

And of course, the attack hit the target where it hurt the most. The loss of the core finally wounded the beast fatally, as it let out a final, longer roar as the energy-based body it had began falling apart at the seams, until finally it exploded with great power, covering a huge area.

Like a television, for a moment there was nothing but static and noise, until as quickly as it began, it ended on darkness.
FINALLY I DID IT!! Part 8 of Journey, only ONE more to go!! I'm REALLY sorry it took so long, guys, but hope you enjoy it!

Sonic (c) Sega.
Pokémon (c) Nintendo
Flavio & related characters (c) me.
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