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CLDM-Series Robot - Coldstream Bust Sketch by extremespeeds
CLDM-Series Robot - Coldstream Bust Sketch
Another art sketch I made, showing a bust shot of a Coldstream, Ryan's go-to robot troopers. Hope you guys like it!

Ryan Weever, Coldstream bots and Britannia (c) me.
Unknown Location

Flavio was falling. His clothes flowed as the wind blew past him. He had his eyes closed as if sleeping, dropping head-first into an unknown realm inside his subconscious... or was it his heart, perhaps?

As he slowly opened his eyes, he felt gravity shifting around him. His body slowly turned upwards, and while the shock of falling surprised him, he was more agasp by a familiar feeling inside him, as if he'd seen this before.

He approached "ground" as he landed softly on his feet, but whatever floor he was on, it was dark and indistinguishable, until suddenly it was uncovered, as a flock of what seemed to be birds flew away around him, revealing a bright floor that forced Flavio to cover his eyes. As he slowly got used to the light, he looked around himself, watching the birds fly away.

"Let me guess..." he said out loud.

The ground he stood on was solid, but it seemed to be some sort of stained glass, like the type you'd see in a church window. It showed himself, in a sleeping position, standing vertically with his arms almost tucked in in his sleep, surrounded by images of people he knew, and to his left and right, his dearest friends and family respectively, Sonic naturally being among then.

“Oh great…” he murmured. “Apparently tonight I skipped Nightopia while I sleep and instead fell into Awakening…”

As he thought over his situation, a voice spoke within his mind. It was smooth, but high pitched, a mere whisper. But he could tell from the tone that it was a woman, and she sounded very familiar to him.

So much to do… So little time…” the voice said. “There is much to tell you about what the future holds…

“I sure hope you can explain it right away, then!” Flavio shouted, hoping the voice would hear him back. “I’d hate to have to wait for a whole game franchise to hear everything…!”

Before him, right over the circle containing Sonic’s picture, a facsimile of Sonic himself appeared in a flash of light, then becoming his Dark self, but standing there calmly.

This fear you have already faced within the confines of your dreams…” the voice explained. “You now hold the knowledge that it is nothing but a form your friend can achieve under extreme conditions… Under extreme emotions… However…

Next to Dark Sonic’s image, an image of the Freedom Fighters band members appeared, but they had dark auras surrounding their backs, a visibly hostile look in their eyes.

We all carry darkness within us…” the voice continued. “And most enemies will attempt to use it against you. Be it through yourself, or your allies.

The images vanished.

“I know that…” Flavio spoke more softly. “The usual bunch… Enemies who exploit your weakness before you can find theirs… Bullies, leaders… Kings… Those who are too far gone…”

Your heart may claim one is without saving…” another voice suddenly spoke, this time male and much deeper. “But some use your weaknesses for tactical purposes. Others plan to use them for the sake of lethargy.

As Flavio looked up, surprised at the new voice, another flash of light appeared before him, revealing a common door, one you’d see at the entrance of a house. But it was standing there firmly, without additional supports or structure. The teen sighed.

“Guess I won’t be told anything else unless I go through…” he realized. “If I had to choose… I hope it’s the giant shadow that attacks me instead of the wobbly white thing…”

He marched towards the door, held onto the doorknob and turned it, opening it slowly. The other side was hard to describe to him. It was the same Awakening platform, but in a much brighter white tone, and instead of a dark, infinite landscape around it, it was now a background similar to the city of São Paulo at nightfall, but the buildings seemed to be perfectly positioned circularly around the platform, although far, far away from it. Curious, Flavio approached the edge and looked down, surprised to see the platform he was on continued into an infinite dark abyss, the constructions at the distance just sort of assimilating down towards infinity.

“So what is it you need to show me next…?” he asked aloud.

He felt a presence behind him, and abruptly turned around, the platform’s primary color changing into a dark, dark blue. At its center, a form similar to Flavio’s own stood, looking down at the floor.

“I’m not better than anyone…” it uttered in his voice. “I’m weak inside… I’m not worthy of any friendship… Let alone… Knighthood…”

More shadows like that appeared, each of them standing over an image in the stained glass representing acquaintances of Flavio, outside of his family, and looking like them as well.

“I cannot trust society… I cannot trust myself…” a Johnathan shadow uttered.

“I have no family… I have no one…” a Seymour shadow uttered.

“I have failed my people… My tribe…” a Knuckles shadow uttered.

“I’m just his shadow… I’m just a child…” a Tails voice uttered.

The murmurs were increasing by the second. Flavio was horrified, sinking into belief of reality.

“Th-that’s a lie!!” he shouted. “This isn’t fun anymore, stop it!! STOP IT!!”

As he clutched his head in agony, he saw the final shadow emerge at the other side from which he stood at. Not Dark, just a simplified shadow version of his idol.

“…Not you too…” Flavio whispered.

Calmly, all of the silhouettes walked towards the Flavio shadow and, in a large cloud of dark smoke, fused with it. The form still retained its original shape, but now its eyes were red and had veins coming out of them towards the sides of its head, something red pulsating through them by each second.

We ask you to forgive us for this…” the female voice pleaded.

But it must be done…” the male voice stated.

Shadow Flavio’s sword appeared on its hand, a darker-looking version of Flavio’s own Nostalgia. The teen, in response, had his own sword appear and took a battle stance, which the double mimicked.

“Lesson, huh…” Flavio uttered. “Guess this is what they call ‘learning the hard way’…”

The double attacked first, rushing at the boy with its sword, but Flavio blocked quickly and counterattacked with a precise slash to the midsection. The creature felt it and stumbled back, but then shifted into a dark blob of energy and moved further from its opponent, shifting into Dr. von Neuron’s shadow and drawing a dark Hitsuyou, firing lasers at Flavio. He dodged them and quickly made his way towards the shadow, but it then used telekinesis to, in a rather smart move, toss Flavio out of the arena.

He tried to focus his hardest to use Lightspeed, but it failed him. The light he received didn’t feel real, didn’t seem real. He plummeted, in profound shock.

“This can’t be…” he thought. “This… I…”

You focus too much on the light around you…” the female voice returned.

When you must learn to awaken the light within you…” the male voice added.

“I want to…! But how..!?” Flavio called out.

He then felt an idea come to him.

“This is still me… my heart… my MIND… I can define the rules… I can MAKE the rules!”

He closed his eyes and focused, imagining power. Imagining wisdom.

The Seven. They would help him again. Grant another wish.

The dark form watched from above, staring into the abyss in Seymour’s form. It quickly retreated after seeing a bright, golden flash of light pierce the darkness and rise from it. It was a sight to behold.

The normal-looking boy now had his Camelot armor enveloping his body, now having a bright golden shine to it and a lighter, slimmer shape, a long flowing blue cape on his back. Nostalgia now shined with a blue flaming aura, his eyes the brightest shade of green, in dedication to his mentor.

“Don’t you know the saying?” he taunted while floating over the opponent, his voice calm. “Stare into the abyss, and it stares back at you…!”

The figure changed into Ryan as it dashed towards Flavio, in midair. When it tried to touch him, however, it hurt its hand on the armor, cowering from the light and falling back down. Shifting into Amy, it tried throwing a hammer at him, but Nostalgia’s blade easily cut the weapon short, as the empowered teenager slashed at the figure multiple times, each slash forcing it to change into a different form, before it finally settled for Flavio’s again, propping itself up with its dark sword.

“I was sired by His Majesty as the Knight of the Stars…” Flavio said, focusing. “Here… Let me show you a big one!”

The concentration of energy changed the backdrop of the Station, creating a beautiful sunrise. Flavio lifted his sword up high, making it stay in perfect relation to the sun behind him.


Several golden light swords fired from the sun, descending upon the creature and utterly dicing it, the remains vanished into dark smoke.

Flavio sighed, then looked at himself after his enemy’s defeat. Looking back at the Great Star, he thought about his current situation and thought it over. He knew it. The voices. They were familiar for a reason, it seemed.

“Is this real…?” he asked. “It… feels so… But is it REALLY real…? Is it… Tikal?”

He turned back around to see the duo of Tikal and Chaos standing before him, the echidna showing a proud smile on her face.

“The power, as you feel it here, is reality.” she explained. “We have granted it so.”

Your heart was shown to us… the moment you bonded with Sonic...” Chaos added. “We felt It was needed to give you this gift… And to remind you to use it wisely… Dark times are coming for all of us…

Flavio felt a slight shiver crawl up his spine, but nodded solemnly.

“I’ll be prepared…” he said with a grin. “I have the greatest friends in the world to help me… And don’t think you’re not included.”

Tikal seemed to blush at the remark, while Chaos nodded.

Now it is time to awaken.” he said. “A bright new day awaits…

Flavio smiled and looked back at the sun as its light brightened even more. The future was unclear still.

…But it was surely looking better.
Flavio - Awakening
Short story, canon, happening right after RHODES. Everyone say hello... to Solar Flavio!

Hope you enjoy it!

Sonic & related (c) Sega,
Kingdom Hearts (c) Square Enix & Disney Interactive
Flavio & related (c) me.
I can offer a Charmander and Frogardier. I'm looking for a Sunkern and Phanpy
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Who is your favorite Weever brother? 

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Who is your favorite Weever brother? 

9 deviants said Seymour
3 deviants said Both
2 deviants said Ryan
No deviants said Neither


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