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Melody[link] (lyrics begin at 11 seconds in)

Now you see
I think you'll all agree
I've got a place to be
Money you'll give to me
I'm the Clown Prince of Crime
My unique daily grime
And I've got no regrets
So take a deep good breath

I am the Joker, boy
I think and then deploy
This time the party lasts
When I crank out the gas
I make the people fear
The Batman disappear
I make the children cry
I make the laughter die
I am the

There's no one funnier than ME! (Me! Me! Me!...)

(Killing joke)
(Killing joke)

Shake my hand
I think you'll understand
I'm necessary plight
I watch the Batman's flight
But there's no need to fret
My very special guests
Tonight I'm gonna win
Here comes my harlequin

I am the Joker, boy
I think and then deploy
This time the party lasts
When I crank out the gas
I bring the people fear
The Batman cannot hear
I make the children cry
I make the laughter die
I am the

I am the Joker
I am the Joker
I am the Joker
I am the Joker
I'm gonna joke ya
I'm gonna choke ya
I wanna choke ya
I am the Joker

(Killing joke)
(Killing joke)
(Killing joke)
(Killing joke)

Nobody's funnier than ME!
Batman and Robin Genesis - Joker Theme
A bit of a lyrical addition to this old boss theme for the Joker in a Sega Genesis game. I thought up the lyrics and decided to try it out. Hope you enjoy it!

Batman (c) DC Comics
The Adventures of Batman and Robin (c) DC Comics, Konami

Co-Op Mode: Equations
 Gatlinggundemon9 & Extremespeeds
Chapter 2: The Evaluation

Current Time
The McDowell Correctional Facility, Britannia
Earth SX.04062003/FFHO02132011…

Inside a windowless office sat Jason R. Drummond, still wearing the anti-chaos energy cuffs and awaiting his self-appointed psychiatrist. To pass the time, Jason spoke with the only other person in the room…. who ironically happened to be inside of his head.

’We’ve gotta find a way out of this place,’ Jason thought to Chaos. ’are you sure that you can’t take over?’

”I am positive, Jason.” Chaos responded, a hint of bitterness and anger in its tone. ” Whatever this thing is that’s restraining us is suppressing all chaos energy within us.”

’So we’re hopeless?? Great….’ Jason thought grumpily.

”not entirely…. Only my chaos energy is being suppressed. My psychic connection to the master emerald is not.” chaos explained.

’What good’s that going to do?? Your rock of a home is in a different reality from this.’ Jason asked, still grumpy.

”Yes, my “rock of a home” is unreachable,” Chaos responded. ”but this reality’s Master Emerald is still reachable, even if the connection is faint.”

’Yeah??’ Jason asked, sitting up with a grin on his face.

”If we are lucky, we can contact either the other Chaos or Tikal, and they can get this reality’s So-.”

“What are you smiling about?” Ryan asked, shutting the door behind him.

“Oh, just wondering if you’re a rip off of Eggman, Dr Wily, or Andrew Ryan.” Jason replied, craning his neck to follow him. ’Send the message, hurry!!’ “You look like the Master Control Program rip off, only uglier.”

Ryan ignored his comment and sat behind his desk, calmly taking out some papers, which, from what Jason could tell from the upside-down print, was about him.

“Hey, can ya loosen the cuffs, tea and biscuits?” Jason asked. “My arms are sore.”

“No, Mr. Drummond.” Ryan said simply, not looking up from his report. “So, nearly seventeen years ago you stupidly caused a fire that burned down your old home and nearly killed your brother, but you thought he was dead despite the lack of a body, correct?”

“Yeah, but he ain’t. He’s just…. Physically challenged.” Jason said, his tone changing to a darker one.

Ignoring Jason once again, Ryan continued. “After the incident, you spent most of your school time taking your anger out on your classmates, making you just a common bully. However, you ended it when you met-“Ryan stopped, blinking in surprise. “Miss Bridgestone? Interesting…”

“Ya know Em?” Jason asked, legitimately curious.

“We’ve encountered each other.” Ryan said, finally looking up at Jason.

“Bet she beat ya up, fancy pants.” Jason said with a smirk.

“Only with the aid of her friends and that ridiculous excuse for a robot.” Ryan responded, in a forced tone of calmness. Looking back at his paper, he read on. “After she left for a life in Colorado, the courts officially declared your brother dead from any proof he still existed, the imbeciles. And after receiving this dreadful news you-“

“I know my life story, Goku. You don’t need ta read it to me” Jason snarled, shifting in his seat.

“I am not “Goku”, and you will be silent!” Ryan snarled, his eyes turning greenish yellow around the edges. Taking a deep breath, he read on. “Spent some time in the Manhattan Psychiatric Hospital, a ghastly place.” Ryan added contempt thick in his voice. “And after a year you left…. supposedly cured. Your family moved to... Magerville, was it?”

“Yes.” Jason said simply. ’Anything, Chaos??’

”Yes, I’ve explained the situation, and Tikal is searching for Sonic.” Chaos replied happily.

"And it seems you also have infiltrated criminal hideouts and exposing these felons and their crimes to the police. Playing vigilante, I see, to add to your list of idiocy." Ryan muttered, straightening the papers and putting them back in his drawer.

“Hey Weevey, my story ain’t finished yet.” Jason said.

“I’m already aware of your exploits in the other Mobius, so I don’t need to read the rest of it.” Ryan explained as he took out some other papers and started writing something. “And I can assure you that whole “prophecy” nonsense is just that: nonsense. A blasphemy if I ever saw one.”

“Well, no <bleep>, Captain London.” Jason said, rolling his eyes as if it was obvious. “The only reason I’m doin’ this is cause it’ll help me find a way to fix Jamie.”

“I know that, but you’re also mentally unstable and a hypocrite.” Ryan said, looking up and leaning towards him. “You claim to hate deities of any sort, and yet you willingly bonded to one when it offered help!”

“If ya actually paid attention, King George, I refused the puddle’s offer till I saw that I needed it!” Jason spat back.

“So you will readily turn on your own ideals if they further your goals?” Ryan asked, sitting back in his chair.

“No, only if it means saving my bro.” Jason replied. “He ain’t gonna suffer cause of a mistake I made.”

“How noble of you…” Ryan said his voice thick with contempt. “You willingly gave up your humanity and self-respect to save your brother.”

“You wouldn’t do the same?” Jason asked, gesturing towards a picture of Ryan with a boy who looked almost identical to him.

Ryan looked at the picture, silent.

Seeing this, Jason grinned. “You think you’re better than me, don’tcha?”

“I am, Mr. Drummond.” Ryan said simply, looking back at him.

“What gives you the right to claim that? Cause you got an army, or a business suit? Fidel Castro, Napoleon, and any other crazy nut could easily say the same.” Jason asked.

“My army has nothing to do with it.” Ryan snarled. “I’m better than you because I want humanity to reach its perfection. My city will be the lighthouse to that goal, while mistakes like Shadow the hedgehog or Eggman hold back my vision. And to handle vermin, I need pest control, hence my army.”

Listening to the king talk, Jason was silenced for a moment. “So…. you built a city, a bunch of tacky robots, and are at war with a three foot hedgehog because you think that the human race is eventually gonna become some kinda perfect being?”

“Despite the bluntness of the way you put it, yes, Mr. Drummond.” Ryan replied calmly.

“….well, then it’s settled.” Jason said, leaning forward. “You are easily the biggest IDIOT I’ve ever seen gain power!!”

“Excuse me??” Ryan asked, his breathing a bit harder and his eyes yellow at the edges.

“Humanity reaching perfection?” That’s the stupid <bleep> I expect to hear out of a white supremist dirtbag, not a king in charge of a nation!!” Jason yelled at him. “And murdering shadow?! What the hell has that hero ever done to you?!”

Ryan stood up, knocking aside his papers and office supplies. “Shadow is a failed experiment!! Almost as bad as the Biolizard was!!” Ryan yelled back, his eyes yellow. “He nearly killed me!! He worked alongside the Black Arms and almost wiped out the planet!!”

“But he didn’t, he saved the world!!” Jason retorted, leaning forward with his hands on the desk. “And he made a few mistakes, so what?! Are you telling me you’ve never made some?! Are you telling me that you’ve never done a single thing to make your parents or stupid brat of a son-“

In a flash Ryan leaped over the desk, grabbed Jason by the throat, and slammed Jason into the wall with enough force to knock down a picture.

”DON’T YOU DARE INSULT MY BROTHER!!!” Ryan nearly screamed into Jason’s face, his eyes almost entirely yellow.

Despite struggling to breath, Jason managed to speak up. “Do you…. Need to…. Shave your…. Arm or something…?”

Ryan furrowed his brow in confusion until he followed Jason’s gaze. He quickly pulled back his hand, dropping the teen to the ground. “Guards!”

Immediately two robot doctors walked in. “Yes, your majesty?” one of them asked in a calm, delicate voice.

“Take…. Mr. Drummond…. Back to his cell…..” Ryan said in several forced breaths.

“Yes, your majesty.” The other robot said, the two turning around and escorting Jason out, who smirked at Ryan before he left.

Replacing his chair, Ryan sat down and pushed a few keys, making a screen popped up from his desk. On the other end was the robotic scientist whom had taken Jamie. “Dr. Ponsonby, I need to see you in my office, immediately.” Ryan said, looking down at his hand. “It’s urgent.”

“Yes, your majesty. I’ll come immediately.” Ivan Ponsonby responded before shutting off his camera.

Leaning back into his chair with a sigh, he took a look at his arm, which, though it was now falling out, had been previously covered in thick golden hair.

On the walk back to his cell, Jason passed by Selina’s cell. Turning his head to look at her, he winked.

Selina smirked and simply winked back.

Once inside his cell, Jason immediately laid underneath his bed.

’Any updates?’ Jason asked, making sure his head was out of view by anyone, human, robot, camera, or otherwise.

”None….” Chaos said. ”I do have a question, however. How are we going to leave this cell?”

’Easy, with some tips Selina taught me,’ Jason said, pulling out a ballpoint pen with a fancy golden W on the side from his jacket sleeve. ’And the king’s generous donation.’


Sao Paulo, SP - BR

On the second floor of a seemingly average house, sat a teen with brown hair and eyes. Pulling up the sleeves of his jacket, he stared intensely at his TV. “Okay, Biolizard….. you’re not gonna beat me this time!” he said, glaring at the huge genetic monstrosity. Before he could unpause his game though, a portal opened up in his room.

Leaping through the portal, Sonic smirked at his friend. “Hey Flavio! You up for a rescue mission?”

Standing up with a smirk, Flavio Estevez, the Knight of the Stars, summoned his sword Nostalgia. “Always, Blue. Let’s go.”
Crossover: Equations Part 2

Part 2 of the crossover! Hope you enjoy it!

Sonic & related (c) Sega.
Jason Drummond & related (c) :icongatlinggundemon9:
Britannia & related (c) me.
Written by :icongatlinggundemon9:, copied and pasted with his direct authorization. 

Co-Op Mode: Equations
 Gatlinggundemon9 & Extremespeeds
Chapter 1: The Capture

The McDowell Correctional Facility
4:38 p.m. 
Medium Security Ward

A man walked down the hallways, not even bothering to glance into the mostly empty cells. One of the cells he did stop in front of contained a struggling Mobian fox. “Are the accommodations uncomfortable, Miss hardy?”

“Yes, they are!!” Selina said, slamming the robotic handcuffs against the floor. “And these handcuffs are chaffing my wrists!

“Those are to keep you from attempting any petty larceny.” Ryan explained calmly. “I’ll have your session ready shortly, but for now, enjoy your lunch. The chefs are exquisite.” Turning his back on her, he starting walking away.

“Where is Jamie??” Selina called out to him.

Stopping, Ryan turned his head back to her. “Jamie…. is fine. Shaken, but fine. Dr. Ponsoby is watching after him.” After that, Ryan continued on to his office, unaware that in her cell, Selina was already planning her escape.

A few hours earlier
Magerville, Washington
Earth Prime…

“And then it exploded before I could get a better look at it.” Jason told his girlfriend as they ate lunch.

“You sure they weren’t from Eggman or anything??” Selina asked.

“Nah, none of them looked like Badniks or had his face on them.” Jason said, munching on his burger, earning a glare from Selina. Swallowing, he apologized. “Sorry”.

“…well, maybe they’re from, uh… what’s his name…. Dr. Wily?” Selina asked.

“Last time I checked we didn’t meet him. And besides, he wouldn’t name a robot “Timothy”, he’d call it “Butler Man” or something.“ Jason said, shaking his head. His eyes wandering around the place he suddenly sat up. “Sel, its Nega!” he said, pointing towards and alleyway.

Selina turned around and gasped when she saw the humanoid shadow, which fled into the alleyway. “Let’s go!!” she said, getting her backpack and running after him. Jason followed, leaving his money on the table and grabbing a handful of fries with him as he left.

Running into the corner, Selina stopped, confused.

Stopping beside her, Jason swallowed the last of his burger. “Where’d he he go???” asked, shoveling the fries into his mouth.

“Don’t know…” Selina responded pensively before spotting Jason’s snacking. “ and would you stop eating!?”

Jason waited till he was done swallowing before retorting. “It’s not my fault that I have to eat a bunch of junk food to keep me from turning hippoglemic!!”

“That’s hypoglycemic, Trickster.” Selina said with a facepalm, neither of them noticing someone appearing behind them.

“Yeah, that! Super speed makes me hungry!” Jason said, licking his fingers for salt. “And I don’t wanna run outta-”

“Don’t move.”

Spinning around, Jason and Selina took out their sword and electric pistol respectively. “Yeah, well neither should you, Faker.” Jason said, before realizing that the voice wasn’t Nega’s.

“Nega Jason” stood there, acting calmly despite of the situation. “How witty, of yo-yo-yo-you, Jason.”

Selina raised an eyebrow at the glitching voice. “That’s not Nega…”

“Nah, it ain’t!” Jason said, running forward with a punch, but only ended up falling through him. “A hologram…?!”

Literally turning its head 180° to looks at Jason, the smiling figure blurred into a static-filled image, growing taller than Jason, but only by several inches, until becoming a young man with spiked anime-esque hair and a lab coat with a logo on it.

“Project Shadow… you’re from Mobius!!!” Jason said, getting onto his feet.

”Wr-wr-wr-wr-wrong,” the hologram said, hovering back from the alleyway towards Selina. ”This Unit is designated as the Britannian Mainframe Operational System. Sub-designation: Superficial Hologram Assigned to Manage and Exterminate."

“SHAME?” Selina asked, moving aside.

“Britainnia..?” Jason asked. “….that is the dumbest name for a place I’ve ever heard. Candyland’s a better sounding name than-“

Lightning fast, the hologram grabbed Jason and slammed him into the brick wall.”SILENCE, MISERABLE TWIT!!!” it yelled, its head morphing into a sunken-eyed demon version of its regular face.

Selina quickly fired her pistol at SHAME, who glitched and vanished.

Rubbing his neck, Jason picked up his dropped sword. “Thanks Sel… guess HAL doesn’t like electricity too much.”

“No, Lord SHAME is simply making room for me!!” a gleeful electronic voice called out, leaping down from above. Landing on its hands, the robot turned its body around so that its head could face Jason, its body seemingly made up of magnets while its face looked like the Comedy & Tragedy theater masks combined.

Jason jumped back, looking fearful for a moment. “A jester robot??” Straightening, he returned to his snarky attitude. ”Where’s your knight, Harley?”

The robot spun its body around, digging its tapered feet into the ground so it stood upright. “I am RL-QN! King Ryan’s court jester!!” it said smugly with a low bow. “And here are my “knights”, lowly peasant!” A portal appeared behind it and several robots, armed with what looked like muskets and dressed like British Coldstream guards, emerged.

“Those bots… you’re with that Timothy robot, aren’t ya??” Jason said, his tone a bit more serious.

“Correct!!! Lord Timothy wanted to test you!! And you failed, so I’m here to entrap you and your allies!!” he confirmed.

“Over my dead-“ Jason started, but was electrified into unconsciousness.

“JAS-“ Selina cried out, but was also knocked out.

“Huh??? SHAME!!! His Majesty said I could take them down.” RL-QN whined.

“He did. Yet you took too long talking.” Shame pointed out, reappearing. ”Move them to the cells.”

“What about the robot boy??” RL-QN asked.

”Miss Chanteur and Doctor Ponsoby will take care of him.” SHAME explained, vanishing into the portal.

Meanwhile, at Jason’s home…

In the living room sat a robot, modelled after a black hedgehog with wings and a jetpack. At the moment he was hooked up to two separate devices: an Ethernet cable and a Playstation 3.

“Hey Amelia.” Jamie said, watching the TV, the screen showing a blue robot making its way through a mine dodging spider robots.

“Hey Jamie…” Amelia said, nervous near her robotic brother. “Whatcha doin’?”

“Playing Mega Man 9 and catching up.” Jamie explained, not moving from his spot other than to look at her.

“You can play without a controller?” Amelia asked, sitting next to him eating a candy bar.

“As long as I can plug myself in, yeah…” Jamie said, glancing longingly at the candy bar.

Ashamed, his sister stopped. “Sorry….”

“It’s okay.” Jamie assured her.

“….what did you mean by catching up?” Amelia asked, hoping to end the moment.

“Well, I’ve been gone a few years. I’m outta touch.” Jamie reminded her, pointing to the cable in his head. “I need an update or two.”

“So you’re surfing the internet?” Amelia asked.

“Yep. There are so many pictures of grumpy cats, weird faces, and something called “Gangum style”!!” Jamie said.

Amelia laughed, but stopped. At the same time, a quiet voice, singing what almost sounded like a French lullaby made itself known to Jamie.

“Sis?” Jamie asked. “Something wrong?” Instead of answering Amelia stood up and walked, almost zombie like out the door. “Amy!!!” Jamie called out, ripping out the cords in his head and chasing after her. Running outside, he stopped.

Outside, in the middle of the road, surrounded by various tranced people was a robotic woman with silvery skin, dark red hair, and a black dress. At the moment she was singing something in French, with the people surrounding her swaying in tune to it. It didn’t take a powerful robotic mind to figure out what was going on.

“Shut up!” Jamie said, his hand changing into an arm cannon. “Why’re you doing this?!”

Surprised at his reaction, the robot stopped singing, though the people didn’t leave their state. “Oh cher….. looks like ze doctor was right…” she muttered in a French accent, her tone a mix of disappointment and reluctance.” “Ze tones must be parfait…” she looked down.

“Who are you?! Release my sister or I’ll-” Jamie angrily called out.

“Calmer, calmer. I am Fifi Chantuer,.” she interrupted with a bow. “Ze people are fine. Ze trance will wear off in time… but we still have to retrieve you.”

“We??” Jamie asked. “Who’s- a.rktbamerklramk;LKNdr;lsn ra;n;!!!“

Jamie started sputtering, his voice box screeching. His body then fell limp and backwards, letting him see who caused his spasms. “What….. what happened?! Why can’t I move?!”

It was another robot, with similar synthetic skin and hair, though he was male and dressed like a scientist. In his piston-like arms he held what looked like a hybrid of a taser and a TV remote. “I’m sorry about this.” He said in a miserable tone of voice. “Really, I am…. But his majesty needs to see you, Jamie Drummond.” Before Jamie could say anything, Ivan pushed a button on his Hacking Device, and Jamie was immediately sent to sleep mode.

Gesturing to some robots, a pair of coldstreams picked Jamie up. “Be gentle with him! We don’t want to risk hurting him!” the robotic scientist barked at them while simultaneously opening a portal with a small remote.

Fifi was the first to walk through, followed by the Coldstream guards. The scientist followed through, not realizing that behind him, something black and slimy had followed him through.
Crossover: Equations Part 1

Wow, never thought I'd get to submit something with mild swearing on my gallery, but, here it is! The long-awaited crossover between my stories and :icongatlinggundemon9:'s stories. I seriously hope you all enjoy it!

Sonic & related (c) Sega.
Jason Drummond & related (c) :icongatlinggundemon9:
Britannia & related (c) me.
Written by :icongatlinggundemon9:, copied and pasted with his direct authorization. 
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Would you like it if Maria was a fighter/could fend for herself? 

6 deviants said Yes
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Would you like it if Maria was a fighter/could fend for herself? 

6 deviants said Yes
5 deviants said No


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