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Part 4

Buckingham Palace, London - England, UK
12:00 PM (Wednesday)

Seymour sighed deeply as he stood in front of the palace. The Queen has never been one to receive visitations like this on such short notice, but there was no room for hesitation now that, for some reason, someone wanted what he did, and was not against killing them over it.

"Are you sure this is the right way to do it?" Anaya asked, still disguised.

"No... But I cannot leave you exposed..." he said. "I have personally contacted my industry to schedule a visit. Luckily, the Parliament has allowed it, despite such short notice."

He pulled out a can of hairspray from his lab coat's pocket, which he was holding by the collar still, and sprayed the contents of the can over his cut hair, as it simply puffed back to its old, pointy style, much to the surprise of the others.

"What?" he asked, slightly chuckling. "The hair is important for my image."

The kids chuckled, and hid themselves behind some bushes around the Palace, as the committee for Weever Industries arrived at the gates in a limo, followed by security escort. Gringotts came out of said limo with his escort, and a rather odd-looking man, obese and sporting a cow-licked brown hair wearing sunglasses and a suit, staying close to Gringotts at all times.

"Young Boss." Gringotts said. "We came as fast as we could, the higher-ups asked me to come as your aide. This is Mr. Ferguson, from our Chicago outlet."

"We have an outlet in Chicago?" Seymour asked, not sure there was one.

"Oh ho ho ho, this here's a very fun kid, know wat I'm sayin?" said Ferguson, in a thick, dry Chicago accent. "But we bettah get goin'. Dun worry, I know ta keep my cool round the Queen."

Seymour nodded and followed them inside the Palace, unaware of the sickish grin on the two men's faces.


Flavio, Shadow, Silver and Agatha were looking through a pile of Weever Inc. employee files, looking for leads about the man who was after Seymour.

"Paperwork..." Flavio groaned. "There's nothing I hate more than paperwork."

"Oh please, this is just Thursday to me." Agatha said. "I had to stack up bigger piles of these to choose the news of the evening."

"'Choose' the news, you say?" Shadow mused.

"I'm no Bill O'Reilly, monster. I worked straight until YOU showed up!"

Flavio sighed, until Silver came up to them with a file in hand.

"Is this the guy?" he asked.

Agatha looked at the photo, her eyes widening.

"Give me that!" she spat as she took the papers from him rudely. "..yes, this is him...! The one from the camera feeds!"

She placed down the file and looked up the name online.

"Gregorius Gringotts?" the teen asked. "Isn't he Seymour's financier or something?"

"Financier to the Weever Family, continuing his dead daddy's work." Newsflesh said. "Ryan told me to get some dirt on him, but this? This isn't just dirt, it's a whole bucket of the stuff...! Says here he's under media fire, suspected of ties to the Mafia."

"The mafia!?" Silver blurted out. "Why does Seymour still keep this guy around!?"

"Doesn't matter if you're the most powerful kid or teen or adult in the financial world..." Flavio pointed out. "If someone that works with you has mafia ties, well... let's just say--"

"Let's just say they know how to keep it clean, if you know what I'm saying." the reporter butted in, plugging a flash drive on the computer. "I'm sending this to Ryan, so we can get evidence against him and his lot. With this info, we can narrow it down to their operations here."

"And I suppose we need to find Seymour next?" Shadow inquired.

"Call for back-up while we're at it, too. We're going after him, but keeping with Ryan's idea... a few steps forward. We saw the riddle he's following, we know where it ends."

===Back in London==================================================================

After the obligatory afternoon snack with the Queen, Seymour was allowed into her personal quarters, on the second floor of Buckingham Palace. Looking over her things, he saw an old gramophone sitting atop a small table, fully operational. He immediately placed the Beatles LP on the player and let it play the one track it still had. It was damaged just in the right portion: the starting notes of Eleanor Rigby.

"Eleanor Rigby
Picks up the rice
In the church where a wedding has been--

In the church where a wedding has been--

In the church where a wedding has been--

The song kept repeating that line over and over. Seymour thought about the next part of the riddle.

"After such long journey, time for a good rest/After all, every hunt ends where there's a last/The place where Walter would cease to brag/All it took from him was Tuppence a Bag..." he repeated.

He kept thinking about it in his head, the memories flashing back to him.

"Tuppence a Bag..." he whispered. "...Feed the Birds... Walter... Walter Elias Disney..."

He looked out the window, towards the City. He knew where to next.

"Saint Paul's Cathedral...!" he said a bit higher.

"Young Boss?"

Seymour gasped and looked back, seeing Gringotts standing at the doorway.

"M-Mister Gringotts...!?" he asked, panting from the scare. "Wh-why are you here? I thought you were talking to the Queen?"

"Well, I don't see how that would be a setback to coming up here." he retorted. "I mean, I AM done talking."

"Oh, alright, then..." Seymour said, turning back to the window. "L-listen, I was meaning to talk to you about this... I think we should wait a while for the partition of the herit--"

A click snapped him off his talking. He looked back in fear, shocked to see his financier holding a plastic gun at him.

"Oh, I forgot to mention this..." he said. "I'm also done waiting."

The mystery, it seemed, was solved.

"G-Gringotts...!?" he said, shivering in shock at seeing a gun pointed at him. "Wh-what is the meaning of this?!"

Still aiming at him, Gregorius closed the door behind him, locking it from the inside with a key he swiped from the Queen.

"All those years asleep in that pod didn't do you any good, did it, twerp?" the financier said threateningly. "See, I'm indebted to people no one wants to be indebted to, and it just so happens to be that the treasure you're looking for might just save my hiney from those people, and they need it to cover up the cleaning job on my stuff. So here's an idea: What do you say we work together to get it? I pay my debts, you and your friends get out of this alive, and we all go on with our lives, how does it sound?"

"You ask me how does it sound...!?" Seymour said, now growing angrier. "Gregorius, your father worked with us! I protected you from the media, your files were all clean!! I INSISTED on keeping you on the company!! And now you tell me that those files were clean because of the mafia!? The MAFIA meddled with Weever Inc. property!! Then you point a gun at me saying you want my possessions and ask me how does it SOUND!? Inside Buckingham, no less, have you no shame!?"

"No, Weever, I don't!" Gringotts spat back. "Those working years were all for nothing, you never gave me a raise as I deserved it! And honestly, my patience is running thin right now, so stop yelling."

"Or else what, you'll kill me?" the young boy said. "Go on, do it, I DARE you. Inside a governmental institution, assassination of a major business figure, tied to a rather powerful man in his family? Your ungratefulness will result in only a few days more in this plane, trust me."

The man chuckled creepily at his boldness.

"Oh kid, you really have no idea how the world of business works, do you?" he taunted while placing a silencer on his gun. "Mafia gives us the privilege of erasing things we don't want to have around. All that evidence will be gone in a couple seconds. Why? Because we have power. More than your brother could ever have."

He pointed his gun at Seymour.

"Now, then, kid. The next piece of the rid--"

Before he could continue, an alarm rang in the building, indicating a trespasser within the palace walls. The loud sound diverted Gringotts' attention for a split second, enough for Seymour to use his powers to change the Gramophone into a small soundblast cannon, blowing the banker against the closer door in a hard collision, causing him to break through it. Seymour then jumped out the window to the backgrounds of the palace, where Chris, Maria and Anaya were fighting off some goons.

"Chris, throw me a portal grenade!" Seymour shouted.

"Catch, then!" Thorndyke shouted back, throwing one.

Seymour caught it and jumped in a spinning move, tossing it at the ground so he could fall through it straight. The others immediately followed his lead, the goons being too late to catch up to them, as they only managed to hold onto a small piece of paper that ripped with the closing portal. The banker came out running towards them.

"You idiots let them escape!! AGAIN!!" he yelled.

"Wait, Mr. Gringotts...!" one of them said. "We caught somethin' from them."

He offered the piece of paper, which Gregorius snatched from his hand. He read only the line "tomb of the most famous scholar".

"Get me a portal going to Westminster!" he ordered.

"Wh-what about the Don!?" another thug asked, still hearing the alarm blaring at the Palace.


While that was going on, Seymour and his entourage searched the steps of St. Paul's for the final clue. Anaya was helping him, but couldn't help but feel she should give it straight.

"Seymour..." she said gently. "I wish to tell you something of the utmost importance..."

"Anaya, dear, are you absolutely sure it cannot wait!?" Seymour said, nervous. "Our lives are in the balance..."

She was about to object, but sighed and nodded. The boy kissed her quickly before finally spotting a shiny object on the steps. Two British cents, aka "Tuppence".

When he caught the Tuppence, he saw that the face in the coins were unlike the usual design of a British cent. It was the face of Sir Isaac Newton.

"Newton's Tomb, at Westminster Abbey!" he announced. "Let us end this quickly!"

They all nodded as they rushed there, unaware of the turmoil that was about to begin.
Heir - Part 4
Part 4 of Heir. Hope you enjoy it!

Sonic & related characters (c) Sega.
Chris Thorndyke & related (c) Sonic Team.
Seymour Weever & related (c) me.
Anaya created by :iconarabian92knight:
Yellow Submarine and related properties owned by Apple Films & Apple Records
So lately I've heard tons of rumors that Sega's incoming Sonic game for this year or the next is going to be Sonic Adventure 3. At first, I was actually kinda hyped to learn this is the case! ...Until I began thinking about it for real.

Most, if not all of you, has probably already heard that Sonic Boom's Wii U port was a sales fiasco. Whether you do like the game or agree that it sucks is totally up to you and I respect your opinion, but lately I couldn't notice but see that Sonic has been drawing an overload of negative attention, most likely because of Boom. That's something that, at first, I wasn't surprised about considering how opinion goes around in these cases, but what surprised me is that the negative attention is also going back to the EARLY Sonic games. YouTubers like Egoraptor and some of Game Theory's segments openly poked fun/commented at either the games or the fanbase, MatPat flat-out pointing out how his Sonic video (along with a video on sexualized imagery on games) managed to be even more controversial than his video on anti-LGBT messages in gaming.

And don't get me wrong, I will never state that Sonic never had flaws to begin with. Sonic Boom IS a disappointingly bad game, too, with its repetitive dialogue, lackluster graphics and linear missions, bland soundtrack and cryptic gameplay issues and glitches. It IS flawed just as Sonic 06 was, but that little emotional side of me, the one that loves Sonic games with a dying passion, is finally attempting to surface. I find myself confused about how this will all turn out, torn between admitting Sonic Boom for Wii U is disappointing and praising the TV show, and now... Sonic Adventure 3 being supposedly announced. And if it IS confirmed that it IS the next game coming out...

I might finally lose hope.

Why? Because like Sonic 06, Sonic Boom will most likely scare Sega awake to their mistakes in half-baking a game before finally releasing it (a mistake they should have awakened to before, but ok). Sonic 06 had more positives IMO, but frankly that's not the case here however much I try to go back to that argument, and that game also had the excuse of being made in a tight deadline. The problem is a matter of comfort: Sonic Boom bombs harder than Eggman's robots, which scares Sega to their gaming content and so, they announce Sonic Adventure 3. Let's assume for a moment that they WILL announce it, and come up with a good plot, writing and execution for it (not make it perfect, just make it good). Let's assume that it WILL be good.

How does that make it any better than just kissing the feet of your fanbase?

It's a proven scientific fact that, in some way, humans are scared of change or the unknown. If you show an audience something that they've never seen before, and they like it, usually they'll stick to that until something better is shown to them. However, that hugely depends on your audience: a ton of people will move onto new stuff while accepting what the old one was and acknowledge it had flaws but was good despite them. HOWEVER, other people will keep themselves attached to the older stuff and outright attack any attempts at changing the material, or in the most common yet worse case, continue asking for more of the same, not even thinking about asking for variety, even if what they're seeing is outright insulting their intelligence. That's how hacks like Michael Bay sell their products, for example. They pander to their respective audiences, make use of low-brow, downright racist/sexist humor and idiotic premises, because as Bay himself put it, they don't HAVE to give a damn about it if people are still going to pay them to see it. Which they DO. By the millions or more, too.

Fans of Sonic who respect others' opinions and work on making themselves respectful arguments towards the flaws of their favorite games ask for Sonic Adventure 3 so they can see what fresh ideas Sega can come up with for their favorite characters, and even ask for the return of old favorites like Ray, Mighty and so on. You know, because it would be using nostalgia the right way, and possibly lead to their character development through the plot. But a fanbase like Sonic's sadly has one of its biggest portions positioned on demanding fans who don't know what they really want, again, until they're in a comfort zone. For most of those fans, that would be the Sonic Adventure games, often used in arguments against other main-series installments like Unleashed and Colors. So if SA3 does come out, it can literally range from anything, depending on how the often-loudest arguments resonate:

  1. We can either have a plot where Sonic defeats another massive creature with great power, but also have a plot where we just beat Eggman again.
  2. We can get old characters returning to join the current roster of friends that Sonic has, but also get none of them and just have only Tails and/or Knuckles and/or Amy again.
  3. We can have a plot that breaks parameters and cliches so that Eggman has either a rival villain wanting to kill Sonic or maybe something that could even go further into Eggman's own character, but also have neither of those and simply have either another entity that betrays Eggman by the end or no second party at all and just have Ivo be himself with new mechs.
  4. We can have Sonic himself growing as a character a bit more, or perhaps even DEvolve and become a walking punchline with no defining traits other than being "the cool guy".
And so on, so forth.

People, lemme wrap this up... I know you can't please everyone with what you do. I know that, I built a character around that, about how you can't generalize that everyone will like the same thing. But if you're going to step into something that you have never saw being done in your favorite franchise before, please remember to at least keep an open mind about the subject. You're not wrong to dislike something too strange to your taste, but please make sure that your critique is concise and with evidence behind it. Don't hate change because it's new. Hate it because it doesn't work for you or the game itself.

Keep an open mind, people. X-treme out.

AUTHOR'S NOTE: I would like to quickly point out that I have watched several different reviews on YouTube from reviewers with company precedents or channel affiliates regarding Sonic 06 in particular for the sake of this journal. Only 3 out of 10 reviewers point out that Sonic 06 had deadlines to meet and was rushed because of them. Just saying.
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Hope you enjoy it.
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What can I say?? I do it for the fans. To show them that you CAN accept the new stuff, even if it backs away a little from the main plot. You don't have to hate it! Do it like me and endure it! Search something you like about the game. Or just don't say anything. Writing fan-fiction also works :)

And I, being Brazilian, speak 100% portuguese. Whoever told whoever's reading this that we speak Spanish, that's a common mistake, and you have all the right to assume that.

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Who is your favorite Weever brother? 

9 deviants said Seymour
4 deviants said Both
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