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Destiny - Part 3B
Shinjuku Tamers ~ A Gate Left Open!

Shinjuku - Tokyo, Japan (Tamer-verse Earth)
12:00 PM (Tuesday)

Doc and Maria emerged out of a portal into the vastness that was the Shinjuku Central Park, located behind the Tokyo Metropolitan Government Building, the towering skyscraper of two towers where the City Hall was located, as well as something more important to the visitors. As Johnathan looked at the building in the distance, he took some time to look behind himself and see that they had emerged from behind a small shed, visibly in disrepair for what seemed to be a good amount of years.

"I can't believe we're actually visiting Japan...!" Maria said, agasp at the marvel of the park's flora. "And Japan in a parallel universe, no less...!"

"I know it's a wonder, Maria, but please remember we're not here for sightseeing for our first visit." Doc said, reaching behind himself under his labcoat. "Now, here's the deal..."

He took out a laptop from it, to Maria's confusion.

"See, not long after our little romp through England, I asked Seymour to make this for me." he explained, opening the laptop and turning it on as he held it on his arm. "This laptop's built with a special material that lets it handle some add-ons, one of which is a shield function so it won't break easily if I'm in a situation requiring fast action and movements, and it also won't let it break on just any impact it takes. Battery life for it is long, although it still needs recharge, and it can immediately crack the codes necessary for it to access the Internet and keep itself stable. Basically, with this, I can access information undetected and, thanks to the software I installed, hack into different types of mainframe, if needed."

"S-so, wait, you mean your plan is...?!"

"Yes..." he said with a sigh. "The city hall... If my analysis of the source material is correct, that's where the Hypnos project has its headquarters settled in. I have to get inside and hack into its mainframe to access the information I need for this world, and... if I'm lucky, I can find the Digital World's source code and track down SHAME before he does anything."

"I'm coming with you, then." the girl said.

This time, however, Doc held his hands onto her shoulders and looked at her with genuine concern, the laptop floating behind him thanks to his telekinesis. 

"Sorry, but this time you'll have to wait outside." Johnathan said sternly. "I'm going to infiltrate a highly secure government building to access top secret intel on something this world was apparently never supposed to know was real. If it's already dangerous to someone like me with my hair like this, imagine a young girl like yourself... I don't want to risk you being taken away."

"B-but leaving me alone outside won't result in the same?!" Maria asked.

"You won't be alone." Doc replied, holding out her hand gently, causing a part of her exoskeleton to appear. "With the upgrades I've done, you can protect yourself using this, without having to resort to actual fighting. Besides, your communicator will warn me if there's anything bad happening to you, and if there is, I'll abort the mission immediately and come running. You can talk to me, but I might not be able to respond right away, okay?"

She thought about it for a second. She sighed, but she did see that she didn't have a choice on this matter.

"Just... please come back to me, Doctor..." she said before stammering. "I-I mean--"

"Don't worry, there's time for that." he smiled, hugging her as she hugged him back. "I may not be parent-of-the-year material, but I promise I won't lose you again. I'll be back for you. I promise."

And with that, he let go and ran towards the building, alone. Maria sighed again, having no choice but to wait for his return.

Out of curiosity, she looked around the shed they came out of and saw its entrance, a small iron gate in front of a dark interior. On the ground, at the far back, there was a large gaping hole, the manner in which it was outline indicated it was dug by something, something rather large for a human. Since the gate was open, she walked into the shed and, after looking around for someone coming, she peeked down. Inside there was too much darkness, but she could tell it was wide enough for a human being to crawl through, even though she couldn't tell where it led to. Eventually, she did see something at the end of the tunnel: a shining light, with some vague indications that it was coming out of some sort of fog.

"I wonder if that's...!" she said aloud.

"Oh yeah, like YOU'd have better cards than mine!"

A young boy's voice sounded right outside the shed. Maria quickly stood up and stood behind the wall next to the gate, to remain out of sight as she peeked outside, spotting two boys walking down the trail, one with a black t-shirt with a cross-like stamp wearing a cap, and the other wearing a light jacket over an orange t-shirt and with glasses on. Both of them had some sort of device strapped to their pockets.

"Well, I didn't open the package yet, but you just wait!" the boy with glasses said to his friend.

Maria saw them approach another young boy, this one wearing a blue shirt, shorts, and his brown hair being held down by...

"Goggles...!" she whispered to herself.

The boy in question seemingly heard that and looked at her direction, but saw nothing as she was smart to hide before he could see her. He was still looking at the shed for a few seconds more.

"Hey Takato!" the boy with the cap called.

That got the boy's attention as he looked back at them.

"We got the cards!" he added as they were closer. "Are you ready to loooooose?"

"Oh, sure I am! Just as soon as you lose first!" Takato taunted playfully.

They headed off laughing to a spot near the playground. Maria waited until they were a bit more distant and began to follow.


Johnathan approached the back door of the Government Building and saw several different people enter it, most of which were either politicians or law enforcement agents. Taking a quick look around the perimeter, he saw the security cameras watching over the back door and other parts of the building.

"If I levitate, I might get spotted by the people near the windows or even on the streets..." he thought. "I could use a disguise, but I'd need to either knock one of them out or get one out of sight..."

At one point, the entrance became clear, no pedestrians or important figures coming in or out or passing in front, so it gave Doc an opening to act. He quickly took out his laptop and initiated hacking by proxy, utilizing a remote control to hack into the camera feed and access previous recordings, making one of them loop to the monitors at around that same time of day, so it would seem nothing unusual was going on. He then began to focus, sensing the minds of the two security guards near the door, both of them wearing helmets and bulletproof armor. Of course, the doctor rationalized, helmets don't make a person impervious to a well-applied Brainshock.

The two guards began feeling their heads getting "heavier", their eyelids fluttering. Soon the two of them simply lied down on the ground, peacefully asleep. With telekinesis, Johnathan took one towards himself behind a tree and quickly took out the armor and helmet, folding his own labcoat so the armor would fit and no bits of the white material would be visible, and accommodating the laptop under the Kevlar portion on his back. The only tough part would be the helmet, since his hair had an insistence in staying up, but he took a deep breath and, still using his powers, shoved the helmet onto his head. The insulated material under it was enough to keep the static electricity in check, his hair shoved downwards and backwards, perfectly compressed under the helmet. It did hurt a bit, but he couldn't let that stop him, quickly identifying the knocked-out guard's thoughts and identifying him as "Otori Akashatsu". Quickly he made his way into the building, walking as if nothing was wrong, keeping the armor's holstered gun around his belt but not even bothering to hold it on his hands.

He walked into the reception area and past the security check-up, nothing being detected on him. He followed another guard into the elevator and waited. He had to still make sure they were headed to a similar position. Thanks to his helmet's visor, the guard was unable to tell when he began focusing with his eyes closed.

"I tried calling their homes, but the kids were all gone by then...!" the guard's thoughts echoed. "Even the cellphones were off! Hope Yamaki doesn't take it too hard. I'll see if I can at least get a search patrol out to the park, or, maybe something less drastic and more discreet... Ugh, if I don't stammer again, that is! I hate the Hypnos room, it's so... cold!"

Doc grinned to himself as the doors finally opened, the guard walking off and opening a set of double doors. Johnathan had to hold his amazement down once he saw the central control room of Hypnos, a ceiling surrounded by screens showing different statistics on the state of the World Wide Web, and information related to the Digital World in the last year or so, ready to go into alert in case of a Digital Field or Bio-Emerging. At the center of the room stood a lift for two chairs, reaching up to the level of the screens, both seats being occupied by an operator each, both of them young women wearing special visors for analysis of information.

Johnathan quickly recomposed himself once the other guard stopped and saluted to three people. One was a man wearing more casual clothing, a jacket, and sporting a brown beard and long hair, the other was a man in his 40's or so with a long graying hair and wearing glasses, and the last one... the last one was the most noticeable to the undercover visitor. A blond-haired man wearing sunglasses and a nice suit, holding a zippo lighter on his left hand. Clearly this was Yamaki, the head of Hypnos. Johnathan quickly saluted along with the guard to his own left.

"Sir!" he said.

"Sir!" Johnathan quickly repeated.

"At ease." Yamaki said in his deep voice tone. "Did you manage to call the children?"

"Sir, t-their parents said they were not at home, probably left for the park!" the guard said with a stutter. "Cellphones were also off! Permission to launch a search party for the park, sir!"

"Well wouldn't that be a bit too much?" the bearded man, Mizuno, or Shibumi, suggested.

"He's right. We want to keep this isolated, and only warn the public when we're absolutely sure this threat is legitimate." the man with glasses, Janyu Wong, added.

Yamaki looked down in thought, fiddling with the lighter on his hand.

"At least this I thought was possible..." he said out loud. "I'll go and talk to them myself, then. If they're at the park, shouldn't be hard to find them together. You're dismissed."

"Sir!" the two saluted again, leaving.

However, once the doors were closed, the guard quickly fell to the ground, unconscious, and was hidden inside a locker by telekinesis. Johnathan made a sharp turn and, without hesitating, activated the fire alarm.


"The fire alarm!?" Shibumi said out loud.

"Where is the fire at?!" Janyu shouted, requesting some clarification.

"Sir, the alarm was activated right outside this room!" Riley warned from her chair as they descended.

"It can't be, the guard just left--"

"Call a security team to this area immediately!" Yamaki ordered. "We're being invaded and I DEMAND this room to be protected at all costs!!"

"We've sent out a signal to the security personnel, sir!" Tally responded. "They should be here so--"

The doors suddenly slammed shut. Shibumi and Janyu ran towards them, Tally and Riley descending their chairs to the ground. But despite their strongest pulls, the two Monster Makers couldn't open their way out.

"They won't open!!" Janyu cried out.

Yamaki gritted his teeth together. This day was quickly sinking for him, and then....

"That would be because I locked them."

They all looked towards a man just suddenly standing near the ground terminals, a laptop hooked up by a cable to one of the ports in the machine, typing away quickly at his portable device.

"Who are you!" the G-Man demanded.

"Johnathan von Neuron, genetics." the doctor admitted bluntly.

That got the attention of the five adults, and their confusion.

"von Neuron, you say?" Shibumi commented. "That's got to be an alias."

"No, it's my real name." Doc replied, a bit more annoyed. "My parents were called Samantha and isaac von Neuron, born in Los Angeles, United States of America, MIA during World War II."

Now they were really confused. Why was he just giving information out like this? Was he not afraid of being arrested for trespassing, invasion and hacking into a federal system?

"Look, I'm not sure what your business here is, 'Johnathan', but you're meddling with federal affairs." Yamaki said. "I suggest you--"

"My business, Mr. Yamaki, is that there's a hostile lifeform in your network that, if your mind is accurate for reading, has threatened genocide upon the creatures you Monster Makers have entitled 'Digimon' not long ago in your time." the doctor interjected, continuing his work. 

They were baffled. How could they get a word through this guy?? He was typing away at his computer at an alarming pace, hacking into their mainframe, yet he was giving them information about himself rather easily. Why? Why go through all this trouble of sneaking into their headquarters and yet give himself away at every occasion?

Apparently it was going to make itself known soon enough, as suddenly, nine dots appeared on the screens above, pinpointing the location of Wild Ones while they were in the digital realm. Five Rookies, a Champion, a Mega, and an unspecified eighth one.

"Those... those markings...!" Riley said.

"It couldn't be, could it??" Tally added.

"You're... finding the children's Digimon partners.." the g-man said. "You want to bring them back..."

"Correction. I HAVE to bring them back." Johnathan corrected.

Suddenly the screens went red and a message flashed on them yet again:


"SHAME...!" Doc grunted.

Suddenly the building shook, a large concentration of energy showing on the screen as appearing at the park nearby.

"Yamaki!" Doc called, typing faster and setting a timer in his own computer. "The THING that left that message isn't like the other monster you had to fight here, we're dealing with an actual cyber-PSYCHOPATH! We need to find the children NOW!"

"The park, then!" Mitsuo said. "Let's hurry!"

The adults all ran outside, rushing as fast as they could towards the park. Johnathan had to leave his laptop behind so that the set-up program could begin its routine of locating SHAME and extracting him from the network.

But none of them stayed long enough to notice the shadow slinking along the floor, sliding towards the computer placed over the terminal. Out of the shadow, a thin, bony arm with a clawed hand emerged, and quickly shut the laptop down by folding it, cancelling the tracking process. As it retreated into the floor, the palm steamed.

"Grown-ups... They always forget to turn off the computer when they're done..." a creepy voice commented.

Cackling to itself, the shadow sunk back into the floor, vanishing.

===Back with Maria=======================================

Maria had followed the three boys towards the playground. Hiding behind a tree, she spotted them joining a larger group of children consisted of the three boys, plus two more around their age, if not a bit older, two girls, a pair of very young siblings (a boy and a girl), and another younger girl, all together with their own decks of cards each.

"Hey Henwy, can I pway after you??" the small girl in a Chinese-styled shirt asked her big brother, a serious-looking boy in an orange jacket over a dark green shirt.

"Okay, Suzie, sure you can." he smiled at her, to her joy.

Takato and the boy wearing a cap, whose name she heard was Kazu, were in the middle, playing their game first.

"And I use... Angemon Wings!" Kazu said, playing one of his cards. "This gives me +10 agility and THAT means I dodge your attack!"

"Wha?? No way! I call Digmon Drills!" Takato retorted, playing his own card. 

Maria watched their play. Eventually she decided to step forward.

"Excuse me..." she said shyly. "Could I watch you play?"

The group looked at her for a second. They had never seen her around there before, but she sure looked like a nice person. There was just a feeling of peace and love around her that made her feel welcome to them.

"Oh, um, of course!" Takato said. "Come on over!"

She smiled and nodded in gratitude, sitting besides the two girls, one with a hear t-shirt and red hair in a ponytail of sorts, and the other wearing a simpler set of clothes and a loose brown hair with a small pigtail.

"So what's your name?" the girl with the heart t-shirt asked.

"Oh, I'm Maria." Maria answered, but seemed to think for a second before proceeding. "Maria von Neuron."

"That's a cool name!" Kazu commented as he gave his place to the boy in the orange jacket. "I'm Kazu! That's my best friend Kenta!"

"Nice to meet ya!" Kenta said enthusiastically, pushing his glasses back.

"I'm Ruki Makino." the pineapple-haired girl said. "But you can call me Rika."

"I'm Henry Wong." the boy in the orange jacket said, cutting his deck. "And this is my little sister Suzie."

"Hello!" Suzie greeted cheerfully.

"Takato Matsuki." the boy with goggles said.

"Jeri Katou." the girl with the brown hair said, a bit more shyly.

"Ryo Akiyama." the boy with brown hair and wearing a more common jacket said.

"I'm Makoto." the much-younger boy said happily. "And this is Ai!"

Maria smiled and greeted them all, watching their game for a while. She thought to herself about what she knew about Digimon, and remembered a stray sentence from her father telling her that the "boys with goggles" were often, if not always, going to be the group leaders. Eventually, after seeing Rika playing against Henry, she decided to speak.

"Um, are you the ones they call 'Digimon Tamers'?" she asked gently.

They all stopped and looked. She blushed and looked down.

"S-sorry.." she muttered.

"No no, it's okay, really." Takato said with a gentle smile. "But, yeah, we... we used to be Tamers."

"Yeah... Our partners went back home a year ago..." Rika commented. "We haven't seen them since, but, we sent them a few messages from time to time."

"Oh. Well..." the new girl thought about how to continue. "I... I admit I don't know much about what happened... But... it seems to be awkward to bring up, so..."

She looked at Jeri. She could easily tell that the poor girl was trying her hardest to keep a chipper attitude, but something about her just seemed full of despair, sadness and grief. Maria could tell just from her subtle facial expressions that something happened to her, probably to the point of near-trauma, and she was just now recovering from it.

"I'm... I'm sorry..." the girl said.

"No, really, it's okay..." Jeri said suddenly, Maria looking at her again. "You were curious, that's all... I... I mean, we can't blame you for that, right...?"

"Yeah, there's nothing wrong with asking." Ryo said. "Although... I gotta admit, it's kinda weird that you don't know what happened."

The others looked at him in confusion.

"I mean, I'm just saying, there IS a chance that someone wouldn't know what happened, but... the whole thing with the D-Reaper happened all over the world, remember?" he asked the others. "So.. where were you when this whole thing blew up?"

Maria blushed, unsure if she should answer, but something interrupted  their conversation rather powerfully: the sky suddenly going dark over the Tokyo Government Building, followed by a small rumbling on the ground.

"What's going on now!?" Henry said in terror.

"What's Yamaki doing in there?!" Takato asked in the same level of shock.

"Father...!" Maria exclaimed under her breath, getting the attention of Rika and Jeri.

Out of the darkened portion of the sky came a huge blue energy beam that shot down towards the park, towards the shed where the portal leading back to Maria's own universe was. It blew up the small construction, revealing the portal behind it and among the debris.

"What's going on!?" Ryo exclaimed.

Out of the remains of the shed emerged a thick fog that quickly encompassed the area around the children and sent anyone close by running away in fear. The fog was a Digital Field of some kind, but it was certainly not common for one to be THAT big, as it covered the entire park AND the Government Building area in a matter of mere seconds.

"It's a Digital Field!!" Henry shouted. "And this one's huge!!"

"Is it a Digimon?!" Jeri asked in panic, staying next to Maria and the siblings, keeping them close.


Johnathan quickly ran into the field blindly, followed by Yamaki and the other adults. The doctor quickly hugged his daughter closely.

"I'm so glad you're okay...!" he said, then getting up and standing in front of her, Hitsuyou on his hand in combat mode. "EVERYONE FALL BACK!!"

Janyu quickly ran up to his son and daughter, staying in front of them to defend them, while Shibumi joined Jeri and the others and the two operators stood by Yamaki, who pulled out a gun from under his suit and readied it, much to Johnathan's turmoil once he heard the click of the safety going off.

"Focus, Johnathan...!" he thought to himself. "Breathe in... Breathe out... This is not the time to panic...!"


A modulated, glitching voice screamed as a pillar of light erupted from the remains of the shed. Pixels could be seen floating inside it, as it caused the digital field's fog to immediately wane and fade, signaling a full bio-emerge. A familiar figure raised from the pillar, its image shifting and glitching as it appeared in the manner Dr. Weever used to look like over 50 years ago. It had a creepy grin on its face as it then landed, eyes completely empty save for red pixels imitating fire coming out of each socket.

"S-SHAME...!" Maria said, horrified.

"...He tore open a portal..." Johnathan commented, in the same amount of shock. "He's... He's out of the network...!"

"What is that thing!!" Yamaki demanded to know.

"Classification... SHAME." the hologram answered, stepping out of the light pillar, which remained there. "Superficial. Hologram. Assigned to... Manage... and..."

He stopped and took Johnathan's form, but keeping the fire eye sockets.


The scream was loud enough to get everyone to cover their ears. It was like a howl or roar of a mindless beast, only this thing, this virtual creature, was sentient and well aware of what it did.

"The beastszszsz...! Will PAY for what they did-did-did!" it said, taking on Yamaki's form with a frizzled hair and, again, the eyes. "For all the damage!! For all the CHAO-CHAOS!! ALL THE LIVES-LIVES LOST!! FOR THE D-D-D-D-D-D-D-D-D-REAPER-REAPER!!"

He raised up his hand and charged an electrical surge to fire, until...


A small fireball launched, seemingly out of thin air, and hit SHAME in the arm, actually causing it pain as it reverted to Ryan's young form, screaming as it clutched its own hand. Something then jumped out of the trees behind the debris and landed close to Ai and Mako, looking at SHAME and revealing itself as a small imp-like creature.

"That ain't nice, twinkles!" it said, in a rather pronounced Bronx accent. "Rushin' out ahead of us like dat! We on a rush, hear!"

"Impmon!!" the siblings said in unison, and absolute joy.

SHAME's head creepily looked at him as his eyes flared even more, catching even the imp off his guard.

"YOU!!" the AI roared, preparing a fireball of his own, much larger. "MURDERER!!!! MURDERER-MURDERER-MUDEREEEEEEEEEEEER!!"


Again, SHAME was caught off his game, this time by a literal whistling missile hitting his back, sending him to the ground. A robot-like Digimon rocketed towards Kazu and Kenta, landing in front of them.

"Stop right there, evildoer!!" it said with a heroic tone. "Guardromon will stop you in your quest of discord!"

"Guardromon, buddy!!" Kazu cheered.

From behind the robot came out a very tiny angel with a heart-shaped symbol on its chest and an innocent expression, floating towards Kenta.

"MarineAngemon!!" he exclaimed while hugging it.

Further damage to SHAME was done by the arrival of two similar rabbit-like Digimon, a yellow fox, a blue dinosaur with yellow spikes, a small white Digimon with a red triangle symbol on its forehead and wing-like ears, and lastly, a red dinosaur Digimon with a symbol on its white chest and stomach, all of them standing before the adults and the Tamers.

They were all smiling in absolute amazement, Doc and Maria agasp along with the adults. It was finally happening. A year of wait and it was finally in effect.

Their partners. Their friends. Their family. They had returned.
Destiny - Part 3B
Bumper theme:…

Tamers! Hope you enjoy it!!

Sonic & related (c) Sega & Sonic Team.
Digimon (c) Akiyoshi Hongo and Toei Animations.
Flavio & related (c) me.
NAME: Johnathan von Neuron

AGE: 16 (in 1955)
25 (legally declared in 2010)
72 (in total)

SPECIES: Human (Homo Sapiens-Sapiens)


DATE OF BIRTH: March 14, 1937

PLACE OF BIRTH: Los Angeles, CA - United Federation (USA)


EYES: Brown

HAIR: Brown (formerly), brown and white

ALLIANCE: Project Shadow (formerly), Team Sonic, Team Dark

OCCUPATION: Space Colony ARK elite scientist (formerly), geneticist, inventor

FAMILY: Shadow the Hedgehog (creation/adoptive "son"), Maria Robotnik/von Neuron (adoptive daughter)

ALLIES: Sonic the Hedgehog, Shadow the Hedgehog, Knuckles the Echidna, Amy Rose, Miles "Tails" Prower, Christopher "Chris" Thorndyke, Chuck Thorndyke, Cream the Rabbit, Cheese the Chao, Big the Cat, Silver the Hedgehog, Blaze the Cat, Rouge the Bat, E-123 Omega, Gerald Robotnik, Seymour W. Weever

ENEMIES: Dr. Ryan Cornelius Weever, Dr. Ivo "Eggman" Robotnik, Black Doom, G.U.N.

POWERS: Telekinesis (or Psychokinesis), mind-reading, high intellect, higher learning rate

CAUSE OF POWERS: Shadow's Chaos Blast + his already different brain waves

WEAKNESSES: Easily attached to his past emotionally and psychically, attacks are all dependable on focus and concentration, loses control of his powers when sufficiently angry, suffers from hoplophobia (fear of firearms)

WEAPON: Extensible staff-like two-ended wrench (Hitsuyō)

THEME SONGS: Johnathan's Theme ~ Beyond Supremacy, Linkin Park - New Divide (young), Coldplay - The Scientist (older), Julien-K - This Machine (shared with Team Dark)

TRADEMARK: Fixing his glasses constantly

VOICE ACTOR: Jason Schwartzman OR myself

CHARACTER QUOTE: "There is no such thing as the 'good of science'. But there is such thing as using science to do good."


Johnathan was already born a genius. His family is known to have a stereotypical name, but also a whole lineage of prodigious scientists and geneticists, due to their unnatural brain waves caused eons ago.
Once he was 4 years old, his parents were dragged by the army when World War II was on, charged with the creation of new weapons and defense systems for the US Army. However, they immediately refused the offer and demanded to be released. Johnathan soon received the news that his parents were "executed by enemy forces".
Obviously having to move on, he moved with his uncles to Cambridge, Massachusetts, and graduated in Harvard at 15, coached by none other than Dr. Gerald Robotnik in his final test, acquiring his doctorate in Oxford also in the same year, a feat until then impossible by human standards. One year later, he was chosen amongst many other brilliant minds of his time to work aboard Space Colony ARK and find the secret of immortality, while also finding a cure for Dr. Gerald Robotnik's granddaughter, Maria. Johnathan was the youngest member of the research and development group, responsible for handling the genetic material that would be used in the Project. Soon, Shadow the Hedgehog came to be, as Johnathan was at first afraid of his potential, but soon warmed up to him.
After some months of work, he got acquainted of Maria and Shadow. His job was also promising enough to earn Dr. Robotnik's respect and trust, to the point where he gave Johnathan the duty to look after Shadow in case anything happened, a feat until then improbable to be done by a teenager.
At one point, while arguing with fellow co-worker Dr. Ryan Weever, he was accidentally exposed to Shadow's Chaos Blast, which altered his already different brain waves, granting him psychokinesis (aka telekinesis) and mind-reading abilities. It also caused him to attract large amounts of static electricity, as the results clearly began showing when his hair became frizzled and white on the tips, as if he just received a huge shock.
During the G.U.N. shootout, after taking a nasty hit on the arm, he managed to put Maria, who had already been shot, in a secret Healing Pod he had been working on without Robotnik's knowledge, fearful that the Project would fail. Before leaving the station, he was found and knocked unconscious by Ryan, to be used as a possible weapon of revenge or as a source of interrogation, but his attempts failed due to the psychic abilities of his rival, so he left him in cryogenic sleep.
After he woke up, he immediately began searching for Shadow or any remains of the ARK incident, but all he found were rumors that the hedgehog had allied himself with Gerald's nefarious grandson Dr. Eggman. To add insult to injury, G.U.N. was also searching for any remains of ARK, forcing Johnathan to hide and run away in fear, unable to speak with Shadow personally.
But now, Johnathan survived Ryan's plan of destruction, and helped Shadow with his decision. Now both creator and creation stand side by side, along with the one and only Sonic the Hedgehog, to stop Dr. Eggman and Ryan from accomplishing their evil goals.

=== Personality========================================================

Before his involvement with Project Shadow, Johnathan was a wise, calm, but aspiring young man seeking to put himself in a higher position in life, and even despite the clear death of his parents in the war, he continued to believe in his own potential optimistically. In the wake of Shadow's creation, he grew attached to the hedgehog and Maria, becoming a brother-like figure to the duo, while looking up at Dr. Robotnik as a possible mentor and at Ryan as an ally and colleague.

In the time after the shootout, however, his personality was greatly influenced. Johnathan grew bitter and distrustful of others, acting cynical towards any form of government or political decisions, as well as society itself. His fear towards Black Doom and Ryan also culminated in a huge phobia towards Shadow, and even despite Black Doom's defeat, he was still distrustful of the hedgehog and his brooding habit, discarding any possibility that Shadow would ever demonstrate emotions or feelings ever again. Once again, this attitude changed after the two engaged Ryan aboard the ARK, giving Johnathan hope towards his creation and society as a whole, perhaps even the hope that Shadow will one day realize the true meaning of his own life.


Dr. von Neuron is a tall, seemingly young man that is always seen with his glasses on, constantly fixing them on his face. His hair is brown, but completely risen upwards, and with white tips due to his accident back at the ARK. He is always seen in a lab coat with a large collar that completely covers his neck, and wearing a black t-shirt underneath and dark jeans, complete with red shoes with white tracings.


*His name is an obvious play on the neuron cells of the brain, which transmit and process information through electrical or chemical signaling.

*His fear is not being accepted by Shadow as a friend or his developer. The only thing he fears more than that is if Shadow was a declared ally of Dr. Eggman or Black Doom, fearful of the monster he could have become.

*Johnathan is also afraid of solitude in general. And due to his involuntary cryogenic sleep, he is also claustrophobic.

===Boss Status========================================================

Johnathan is fought as a boss in "His Origin", when Shadow, Ryan and Knuckles corner him in the school's sports court. Shadow, however, can't help but wonder why is the battle so easy, almost like if the scientist is not even trying to harm him.


OPPONENT(S): Shadow the Hedgehog, Knuckles the Echidna

ARENA: 4th Floor Sports Court - São Paulo Metropolitan

CONDITIONS: Halfway through the battle, Shadow will point out that Johnathan isn't actually trying to hurt him, so he'll tell Knuckles that they must only wear him out. In other words, Johnathan cannot be defeated through Chaos-based attacks (Chaos Spear, Chaos Blast, etc.), or else it will cause an instant game over.


Telekinetic Throw: Johnathan will throw one of the objects around him at Shadow and Knuckles

Object Gathering: Once he runs out of objects, Johnathan will look for more and gather these objects around him. Leaves him open for attacks

Force Push: If Shadow or Knuckles get too close, they will be pushed away and take small damage

Psychic Barrier: The many objects around Johnathan will make a barrier in front of him, protecting him from harm

Levitation: Johnathan will fly after Shadow and Knuckles while his barrier spins faster around him, dealing damage when touched

Draw: Rage Mode only. Johnathan will pull Shadow and Knuckles closer for a grapple attack. Leaves him open for attacks

Desperation Attack: Johnathan will turn his barrier into a tornado and throw it against Shadow. If the correct buttons aren't pressed, both Shadow and Knuckles will receive massive damage. If pressed, they will dodge it, then Shadow will counterattack with a Chaos Spear, leaving Johnathan stunned for a few moments

GRAPPLE: Johnathan will hold Shadow or Knuckles in front of him, then slam them into the ground and throw them away. Strangely, it deals very small damage with each hit

BOSS THEME: Everett Bradley - Throw it All Away (instrumental)



"You may kill me if you wish, but I won't go down without a fight!!"

"(fixes glasses)"

"Come on!"

"Take this!"


"Ultimate lifeform? Ultimate FAILURE!"

"Let's see how much you've developed!"

"Still a heartless guy, I see..."

"This is none of your business, Echidna!"

"Oh, and by the way, thanks for the powers!"


Entering Rage Mode

"Now you're REALLY asking for it!"

"You drop the bomb, YOU DROP THE FREAKING BOMB!"

Entering critical health:

"Wait! She wouldn't like to see us fighting each other!"

"Is this how you show your appreciation!?"

When defeated:

"You've grown... so much..."
Profile - Johnathan von Neuron
Johnathan von Neuron, Shadow's "teacher" and developer, also helped in his creation. Obviously, this has some spoilers for the "His Origin" series. But I hope you enjoy it, anyways.

Johnathan is owned by me.
Destiny - Part 3A
Minato Adventure ~ A Sneak Preview that Will Shred the Heavens!

Odaiba, Minato - Tokyo, Japan (Adventure-verse Earth)
12:00 PM (Tuesday)

Derek and Shadow emerged from the portal into a large circular room with windows surrounding it. Next to one of them was a small shrine with flowers and candles, clearly erected in loving memory of someone.

"Whoa... I'm in another UNIVERSE...!" Derek whispered. "N-not just Mobius, not just another world...!! Another freaking universe!!! Japan, early 2000's...!"

"Derek, as enthusiastic as you may be about this, please try and focus on the mission." Shadow said, snapping him out of his joy for a second. "First we need to find out where this is, exactly."

"Well..." he said, adjusting his guitar case's strap on his shoulder. "Like Timmy said, this is the Fuji TV building in Odaiba. It's an artificial island in the Tokyo ward of Minato."

He approached the small shrine and looked at the closed window behind it. It led to a walkway towards the other side of the building.

"...This is where Wizardmon died..." he said in a sudden low tone.

"I take it he was a Digimon as well..." Shadow said, approaching him. "Given the amount of care for this shrine... He must have been a very close ally..."

"He sacrificed himself to stop Myotismon, a Digimon vampire." the boy explained. "...Digimon usually can return from the dead in this universe through the Village of Beginnings, from a DigiEgg, able to start off a different life... But if they die in the real world..."

"The data has nowhere to go..." the hedgehog guessed. "He is gone for good, then..."

Derek just nodded and sighed.

"We should focus on getting to their school." he said, moving on. "Odaiba Elementary or something, if I reca--"

Shadow then suddenly twitched his ears and ran with Derek behind the shrine to Wizardmon, holding the teen's mouth shut and keeping his breath held back. Two children made their way into the room, a girl and a boy, both with a Digimon partner each, the boy having a small four-legged creature with orange bat wings near its head, and the girl being accompanied by a white cat with large blue eyes and a striped tail walking on two legs.

"We still miss you, Wizardmon..." the girl, Kari, said in a whisper. "May you rest in peace..."

The inter-dimensional visitors kept quiet as they heard her place the flowers down, and after a while, leave the room again with her escort. Shadow, however, kept Derek down as Kari's Digimon, Tailmon, peeked into the room one last time. Shadow could sense she was still looking.

"Tailmon, what's wrong??" Kari called out from the hallway.

"Nothing... Just felt something different..." the cat Digimon answered before following her partner. After a while, Derek and Shadow got back up cautiously.

"Now we can follow them to their destination." Shadow pointed out. "Let's go and finish this as discreetly as pos--"

"Wait!" Derek quickly said. "If we don't get their help, won't we be at a disadvantage? Flavio said Mr. Kite had a whole troupe to help him out."

"That's what strategy is for. We don't need to get them involved, they'd be putting themselves and their Digimon at risk for no reason." the hedgehog stated. "Especially against a different type of artificial intelligence like this one, and even more so if he chooses to fight here in Odaiba, in the Real World."

The guitarist sighed, and held onto his guitar case's strap in thought.

"Well... In that case, I might have an idea..." he said. "But you're gonna have to trust me..."

Shadow simply raised an eyebrow, wondering where  he was going with this.

===A few minutes later=======================================

TK and Kari arrived at Odaiba Elementary School, greeting their friends and partners at the stands overlooking the small football yard, their partners out in the open, free of their secrecy after their last major adventure.

"Hey Kari! TK! You got here just in time!!" Davis called out, having just finished a match with his team.

"Just in time for what?" TK asked with a curious expression on his face.

"Didn't you hear?!" Yolei said in her loud tone, arms over both their shoulders. "There's gonna be a circus in town, today!! It's right next to the TV station!!"

The two kids looked at each other, absolutely puzzled.

"We just came back from there, though." Patamon, TK's partner, said to the others. "We didn't see anything circus-y"

"I felt something weird back there, but, we didn't see anything else really weird." Tailmon added. "Or circus-like."

The others all looked between themselves, including their partners.

"Then... wait..." the hyperactive girl said, stopping to think. "We all got pamphlets with invites to this circus dealie..."

"And when I asked the guys, nobody said anything about a circus, either." Davis, the boy with goggles, added. "But the add said it was near the TV station where your dad works at, TK..."

"Yeah, they wouldn't mislead people like that, right??" Veemon, Davis' partner asked.

"But if there isn't anything in there..." Ken, the boy in gray clothes with a longer black hair rationalized, his partner Wormmon hidden in his backpack. "And if this was sent exclusively to us..."

"Then it's gotta be a trap, right?" Cody, the youngest and shortest of them said.

"Well, we gotta check if the others got invites too." TK said. "I didn't see any invites to Matt before, so we gotta make sure of it."

They all nodded, but then were distracted by the arrival of Derek. And what an arrival, holding his guitar and walking towards them while gently strumming them, making absolutely sure his hair was slightly covering his face to give him a "dark and edgy" look, with a large grin on his face. Naturally, the Chosen Children all looked at him puzzled.

"Hey, you guys the DigiDestined with your Digimon?" he said with his grin, stopping with his guitar in hands still, and playing. "Nice to meet ya."

The boys were mostly confused by this new guy with the guitar, although Yolei and Kari were oddly enough looking at him more fixedly in comparison to the others.

"Yeah, um, it's us!" Davis said with a bit of a grin. "Though I gotta ask, who are you???"

"Me? Name's Derek. Derek Hetfield." the teen replied, unfazed by the sudden raising of voice. "I'm the lead guitarist for the Freedom Fighters. Ever heard of us?"

"...No, not really." Kari said, unimpressed.

"You're trying too hard to get our attention, you know..." Yolei added.

"I fail to see how this is any effective, too." Hawkmon, Yolei's partner, commented.

"I GET IT, okay?!" Derek spat angrily, losing his pose.

Cody slowly went behind Derek, noticing something on his back. He saw a black hedgehog with red details on his quills strapped to his back by the guitar's own strap, and his face was not exactly a happy one.

"If I can say something, that looks like a very weird plush toy to have..." he commented, Armadillomon not far behind.

The "plush" seemed to frown even more at the statement, and he was already not happy.

"Good ol' Shadow?" Derek said, looking back as best as he could, his grin back even wider than before. "Oh he's the band mascot, he's angry because the people are being put down by oppressing powers and cannot speak their minds."

Cody could have sworn that Shadow's frown only worsened after that line.

But the fun for Derek would have to wait.

"WHAT'S THAT?!" a student was heard yelling.

"IS THIS HAPPENING AGAIN?!" another shouted.

The group looked at the commotion before finally looking up to see the sky.

A sky like the one from a few years back. Shredded in streams of daylight and visions of a world closer to theirs than anyone ever thought possible. A world hidden within the confines of the Internet.

"The Digital World...!" Derek mouthed off, the Digimon and children all around looking in awe at the phenomenon that was now repeating itself.

Shadow immediately undid the strap holding him and jumped off Derek's back, much to the surprise of the kids and their partners.

"You, with the goggles!" Shadow said sternly. "Can you contact the children who saved this realm before you??"

"Wh-what, Tai's team??" Davis stammered. "Y-yeah, we can, b--"

"Where can we meet that no one will follow us to!?" the hedgehog asked.

"I-I don't know, the school's computer lab could work!!" he said further, startled by the heat of the moment. 

"Call out the other team and have them meet with us there right now!" Shadow ordered. "Let's get there before this gets more out of hand!"

"Um, I think it's about to get to that point!!" Kari pointed out towards something in the distance.

Indeed, there was something coming towards them: an army of Bluer Meanie robots and a circus ringmaster leading them.

"Oy, there they ar!" the robot ringmaster said, holding his whip's hilt on one hand. "I kept sendin' ya'll invites to my circus and nothin! It ain't a show without an audience, ya know!! And ta big-top it all off, ye ain't even complete, yet!!"

"You sent the invites?!" Yolei asked in shock at the surreal sight before them. "What ever ARE you supposed to be, some sort of robot!?"

"OY!! Not ANY robot, miss!" Kite objected, grinning widely. "FOR THE BENEFIT O' MISTAH KI--"

"OH JUST CUT IT, KITE!!" Derek interjected, knocking Kite's wind off him and getting his guitar ready. "And stay still so we can shut you down and drag you back home!!"

The children, naturally, were just being given more questions to be asked about this guitar guy stepping in on their turf to fight this... weird-looking new enemy. Kite simply grinned.

"Oy, ye wanna shut me down? I thought y'ere all 'bout voice of the people!" he mused, tapping the hilt on his hand. "An I see ye finally decided ta ally yourself with me freak show!"

Shadow just grunted in response.

"Yer making me job all the easier, Hetfield. Now, lemme ask once so we can play a good openin' act. Gimme Shadow and I'll be on me way home. Refuse... an well, ever watch Yellow Submarine? Cus there ain't no rock'n'roll o'yours that'll save ye from THESE Meanies!"

The goofy looking robots in blue poofy outfits aimed their freeze guns at them. Davis and Veemon, however, stepped in quickly to their defense.

"HANG ON!" he shouted. "What gives ya the right to just come in like that and make that kinda demand!!"

"Yer not gettin it, boyo, I'm the GOOD GUY!" Kite retorted. "Now blast it outta 'ere! That alien's comin' with me!"

"You don't SOUND like a good guy to us!" Veemon added, standing his ground.

Kite grunted in annoyance. Usually he would detest to see children get involved in these matters. But Shadow could tell something seemed off about the ringmaster that day.

"Fine!!" he spat. "Ey, Ichi-whatsits?"

Ken gasped. The creepy circus bot knew his name?

"How bout I show ye... Whatcha REALLY USE A WHIP FOR!"

And with that, he lashed his whip against Davis and Veemon, tapping into his weapon's ability of disrupting the nervous system. Davis immediately launched himself against Veemon against his will.

"What was that about?!" Cody shouted in horror.

"I told their bodies ta obey MY order to them!" Kite explained. "That's what me whip does! How's that fer commandin' the show, Emperor?"

Ken grunted, clenching his fist, Wormmon immediately springing into action.


Silk came out of his mouth towards Kite. A Meanie robot took the blast, however, its woolly coat catching the webbing harmlessly, firing its freeze ray and hitting the small worm Digimon, petrifying it in mid-air.

"WORMMON!!' Ken shouted, running towards him and jumping, catching him before he hit the floor.

He was greeted by a freeze gun to the face.

"FREEZE'IM!" Kite commanded.

The robot was then blasted off when a loud guitar chord played, a Chaos Spear blowing it up to pieces. The sound shattered Wormmon's prison rather easily, freeing him.

"ERR, HELLO!?" Derek called to the others. "DIGIVOLVE?!"

The chosen children nodded, drawing out their Digivices and D-Terminals.


Derek still couldn't help but gasp at the amazement of actually witnessing a Digivolution being done before him, and so many at the same time, all of them Armor. To his and Shadow's perspective, they were done rather simply, a simple form shift to the partner Digimon, but he was already imagining the segues from his childhood, the transition effects, and of course, the glorious J-rock he knew how to play with his heart and soul. And of course, he could hear the sound-off of their new forms, voices changing to match the figures.






After the light show and callings, five Armor-evolved Digimon stood before the robotic horde. Ken was still holding Wormmon, recovering from his paralysis. The bots stood their guard, Kite merely grinning.

"Nice light show, lads, but I'm not goin' ta waste me time on ya here." he said coyly. "I'll leave some friends for yer fun, though, so ya won't feel lonely! The show begins at ten-ta-six, when Mr. K performs his tricks! Don't be late!!"

He cackled as he sunk into a Binary Portal, Derek confused about his remark.

"Show begins at.... what??" he let out.

Before he realized, the Bluer Meanies aimed at him and fired, but he managed to dodge-roll their freezing beams. Shadow cast aside his inhibitor rings, which the guitarist caught and pocketed, allowing Shadow to fire his Chaos Spears at them while Derek began playing Digimon Adventure 02's song "Break-up!" for a barrage of spears to fire at the robots. He found himself surrounded by five of them at once, however.


A fireball out of Flamedramon's fists easily blew up two of the robots surrounding the teen.


Six drills rocketed towards the other three robots, blowing them out as well. Derek nodded in gratitude at them and bolted to help Shadow, who now had been quickly surrounded by a new batch of robots: clown-robots named Bobos with explosive arsenal around them.

"Jump up!" Shadow heard Holsemon cry out.

Curling up into a ball, Shadow rocketed over the robots before they could blow up the spot he was standing on. Landing over Holsemon, with Yolei riding on his back, he watched as the Digimon attacked them.


Red laser beams fired from his eyes downwards, exploding the robots where they stood in a magnificent blast, finally destroying the mooks.

Until a giant Weever Wasp made its way towards them, floating ominously in the air with its tentacles, charged with energy, firing its electrical beams at them. It took some effort from Holsemon to dodge them, some of them nearly hitting Ken on the ground, had it not been Derek throwing himself at him to save both Ken and Wormmon from a powerful shock.


A golden rope-like construct came towards the jellyfish-like robot, wrapping its tentacles and immobilizing it, the golden rope invulnerable to the electric attacks of the Wasp. Nefertimon and Pegasusmon, the ones who could execute the attack, flew off with the wasp towards the nearest body of water, with no one in it at that time, throwing the robot into it and watching it fritz itself to the point where it exploded from overcharge.

"Everyone head to the school!" Shadow called, as Holsemon flew to it.

"Ya know, we still gotta get into the matter of a plush toy talking like that." Yolei pointed out.

The hedgehog sent her a death glare in response.

"O-Or we can just head to the school and wait for instructions, of course!!" she said awkwardly.

Derek ran with Ken towards the school on foot.

"Do you mind explaining to me how does that robot I've never seen in my life knows who I am??" he demanded.

"I'll tell you when we're safe, I promise, Ichijouji." the guitarist replied.

They ran from the danger outside, unaware of something else watching from afar, in the shadows.


===Back in Britannia======================================

Sonic stood by the gurney where Flavio lied in his deep sleep, Timothy setting up a few chairs around the large room.

"Whatcha doin' there, Tim?" Sonic asked.

"P-Please, call me Timothy..." the robot asked politely. "Well, seeing as we will naturally have quite the amount of visitors to the throne room, I am simply preparing for their arrival. Quite a few, I must admit, but this room has held bigger meetings in the past."

The blue blur shrugged and looked again at Flavio, who was still out of commission. Timothy stopped for a second to look at him.

"...May I, perchance, inquire you on something?" he said.

"Huh? Oh, um, sure, what's up?" Sonic replied.

"You seem to hold a strong regard for Chaos in a few ways." Timothy said. "But... is it not ironic that you are a, how would you put it, 'free spirit', and yet you seem shackled to the deity that grants you the ability to achieve a Super transformation?"

Sonic simply shrugged and looked at him with a smile.

"Well, I'm not a devotee of Chaos like Knucklehead. I just have a lot to repay him for. He did tons of stuff for me, and he's always there when we need him, so, why would I have to be stuck with him?" he answered. 

"I see..." the butler said while pondering about it himself. "And for that matter... why did you volunteer to stay and take care of Mister Estevez? I could do that well myself. Is it that you do not trust me? Because, if it is so, well... I can not truly blame you for it."

"...Actually I do trust you."

Timothy looked at him directly in the eyes after that, genuinely shocked.

"You... do?!"

"Well, if it means anything, I trust you more than I trust your king." the hedgehog carried on. "I mean, Ryan's just... well, Doc likes to say he's not right on the head, and, maybe a little bit of an over-actor. But you got that air to you, the kind of feeling you get when a person has to do something they don't wanna. But even with that... I know, from the way you and Seymour talk, that I can at least trust ya with taking care of someone I care about."

Timothy nodded in silence and, after a bit of contemplation, went back to putting down the chairs.

"I would say... you have me figured out rather well, Sonic." he said in a lower tone.

Back at the gurney, Flavio managed to finally shake one of his fingers.
Destiny - Part 3A
Bumper theme:…

So, we're starting off on a bit of a different route for this one! This time, the story will be split to better accommodate the multiple universes Digimon takes place in, so here we have Part 3A, the first part of part 3, so as I submit the other Universes one at a time, we get back here for 4A. Hope you enjoy it!!

Sonic & related (c) Sega & Sonic Team.
Digimon (c) Akiyoshi Hongo and Toei Animations.
Flavio & related (c) me.
It'll most likely be my longest story yet XD There's a lot of ground to cover, AND I'm gonna try something with different with this one. Stay tuned!
  • Mood: Optimism
It'll most likely be my longest story yet XD There's a lot of ground to cover, AND I'm gonna try something with different with this one. Stay tuned!
  • Mood: Optimism

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Would you like it if Maria was a fighter/could fend for herself? 

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Would you like it if Maria was a fighter/could fend for herself? 

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