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Ryan Weever's Journal - A Letter to Dr. Eggman
Timeline: Two days before the events of Project RHODES
Ryan's Location: Ryan's Office, Royal District - Britannia

Only Entry

To my fellow in hatred and spite, Dr. Ivo "Eggman" Robotnik, I leave you nothing but that in which I included us both upon: hatred and spite.

How dare you, sir, be the point of comparison in which haters support themselves on to accuse me of crimes worse than yours! I wrote about our similarities before, and I did even say I would laugh at anyone who compared me to you. But in-between that laughter, do not ever be mistaken, there is deep-soothing hatred and anger aimed at you. It is not because I laugh at the remarks that we are alike in method, that I don't hold a deep, disturbingly powerful wish that you would just die.

Yes, Robotnik. I hereby write what is obvious: I deeply hope that you die, slowly and painfully. And if it does not come out of your own stupidity, then fear not, I ASSURE you it will be by MY hands.

The more I watch the security footage hacked out of Johnathan's laboratory's database (he can increase his firewall coding as much as he pleases, chances are, I STILL might find a way to break it), footage depicting your heinous acts against Sonic and mankind as a whole, more does the anger I hold for you increase. And it never ends... Oh, it never ends...

If you still find it hard to believe that I have this much hatred for you, allow me to confess my own crimes, so we can look into your own, and add THOSE to our similarities and differences list, shall we?

I do not deny, as I'll always openly state, that I have done horrible things. I attempted to kill Shadow on many accounts, and in most of them I have endangered the life of innocents, even if I program all of my robots not to do so, even if on accident. My own conduct is no better, as in my enraged state, I have almost destroyed an area of Space Colony ARK in which your cousin was, my own mind firmly stuck on the possibility she could not be alive. What I have done to nearly harm her, I deserve to die for. But I also committed horribly psychological crimes as well.

I lied to Christopher Thorndyke about the "World Instability Factor" years ago. I hacked every single major computer system surrounding his family and throughout the world, just so I could fabricate a need for the hedgehog to go home and never return. I performed this illegal activity because I firmly wanted to resort to ANYTHING but the last case scenario of having to KILL Sonic in order to get my point across. Your computer, Eggman, was meant to be the fail-safe. The final nail in the coffin in which Christopher, even if in a state of denial, would have no other choice but to let go of him. I fabricated that lie in the first place, and to my credit, I took every precaution I could to lessen the emotional blow on the child, a young boy who had little to do with Sonic's conflicts, and did not deserve to be involved.

And what did you do, Eggman? Oh do not fear responding. I can quote you, word for word:

"You're the one who's lying to yourself. You don't wanna accept the truth. Deep down, you know once Sonic is gone, your life will have to go back to the way it was before. Your days of adventure are at an end, boy, just like your friendship with that hyper-annoying hedgehog. All your dreams have been shattered, haven't they?"

Funny. Even I didn't admit this to him, for the sake of his already-damaged psyche. Damaged, because of YOU. YOU made him close that portal on Sonic's face by stating it so bluntly. Surely he must accept the facts, psychologically it makes sense, but with stakes this high? I'm shocked Christopher did not sink into Post-Traumatic!

And your OTHER batch of crimes, do I need to reiterate?? Roboticizing, Metal Sonic, utilizing the Flickies as your BATTERIES, and EVERY SINGLE ELDRITCH ABOMINATION that YOU have unleashed upon us! Your GRANDFATHER was the cause of Black Doom's invasion not long ago! SHADOW'S VERY CREATION is attributed to YOUR FAMILY! And Gerald is ALSO the one who wanted to destroy Earth with the Eclipse Cannon!! YOUR GRANDFATHER wanted to wipe out mankind AS A WHOLE!



(there are claw-like markings in a wide space of the page)

...Before I sink into my curse... I want to make something very clear, Robotnik...

I will make sure, as long as I draw breath, that you do not escape your fate... I will hunt you to the ends of the known universe if I have to, but I cast the mission upon myself that I will NOT allow any realm of possibility to exist in which YOU come out victorious.

Let Britannia and its vast population be a message of revolution against Eggmanland and everything it stands for. These people are willing to die for the sake of this PLANET, not just this CITY, so that traitors like YOU shall meet their due punishment. They are living proof that I do not stand alone in my quest to rid this world of its imperfections! Imperfections like YOU, Robotnik, that make even Johnathan look OPTIONAL in my greater scheme!

And I might die. Oh I might die, and may Seymour - and hopefully my parents, who I PRAY are watching over him with the pride they certainly still have for him - find it in themselves to continue living despite the MONSTER of a brother/son that they have lost! But it will be a good cause in the end, for I am MORE than willing to give out my life, if it means I can take yours as well! Your crimes will not go unpunished, Ivo Robotnik... I will have your head, even if at the cost of my own.

They will call me a sociopath, and I just might be one... But the moment I rid this planet of you and the Spawn of Doom...

Everything will, at last, be worth the torture...
Ryan's Journal - A Letter to Dr. Eggman

So yeah, a Ryan journal towards Eggman... At this rate, what would you expect of him? Hope you like it!

Sonic & related (c) Sega & Sonic Team.
Ryan & related (c) me.
Ryan Weever's Journal - To Generalize is a Crime
Timeline: Journey
Ryan's Location: Ryan's Office, Royal District - Britannia

Only Entry

When a movie, worthy of an award, is released to the world, people praise it highly. Not just the movie, but its staff, cast and producers, claiming that nothing can come to worsen their careers. Little do they notice that this same, exact crew, had worked on a movie this one same audience said could never be successful.

Generalizing is a plague... One of the many flaws keeping us from reaching supremacy, in fact, one of the worst. When you say "all people in this country are evil" or "all people in this nation are good", you shroud said location's society into a common definition which does not apply to every single individual. Made even worse by the common excuse of "majority of votes"... The majority is NOT the entirety, and the entirety is NOT an adjective you can blurt out like any other word!

Same applies to one's enemies. It is not because a grunt of a common group is weak, that the others are just as weak. There are levels to each individual, different poisons to each pest. An enemy is not like the other, no matter how hard it tries to be. Which leads to another evil, the evil of underestimation... One must NEVER take lightly a foe, let alone ones such as the Chaos Bearers...

To prevent this madness from ever occurring... I have declared the mere act of generalization as a "psychological crime". It makes the citizen rethink his line and logic, making less mistakes.
Only  then, we shall be closer to perfection.
Ryan's Journal - To Generalize is a Crime
A fiercer look at Ryan's ideologies. Hope you like it!

Sonic & related (c) Sega & Sonic Team.
Ryan & related (c) me.
Part 6 (End)

The sirens ringing outside were not from Scotland Yard, although they WERE outside to take in the rest of the mafia members. Instead, the siren came from a small squad of Britannian vehicles in charge of transporting prisoners and mentally unstable individuals. Gringotts, his entire body encased in cast due to his injuries, was loaded into the car like mere cargo, sitting right next to the Don he left behind at Buckingham. The heroes walked out of Westminster, Ryan walking next to Seymour and his friends.

"I have already sent Timothy as my ambassador to the Parliament, addressing the situation with the evidence Agatha collected." Ryan explained to his brother. "They arrested the other members of the mafia, but they agreed to let me take Gringotts and Don Ferguson in for questioning. I shall share the results with Scotland Yard as soon as I get them."

"So the Minister agreed to let you have relations with the motherland?" Seymour asked.

"They are still skeptic, but they saw no other choice for the moment. They'll look into country relations after their organization is taken down."

Seymour nodded, smiling at him.

"Thank you, Ryan..." he said in genuine thanks.

"You know I'd give my life for you..." the King said. "Never forget that..."

And with that they hugged dearly, Silver and the others smiling slightly at the scene. Of course, save for Shadow...

And Anaya. But not that Seymour noticed it.

"What did you find back there, however?" Ryan asked. "If anything?"

Seymour sighed, and held up the final treasure: an old photograph of the whole family, smiling for a perfect picture.

"And... that's all?" he asked, to which Seymour merely nodded. "...Well... do you think this is worthy evidence?"

"I'll have to properly analyze it..." he said. "But I can share the results with you, later..."

Ryan nodded, hugging him once more, Seymour returning the gesture.

Weever Manor
06:00 PM Wednesday

Finally Seymour was able to truly go home, Anaya and Maria coming with him as Chris had to return to his own home and Ryan to Britannia for interrogation. Doc and Maria were talking in another room, as Anaya approached her date at the kitchen.

"Did the picture truly not have anything behind it?" she asked.

Seymour grinned slightly, showing her the picture and turning it around, placing it on the table and dropping lemonade over it. Immediately some writing began appearing over it.

"Ooooh...!" she gasped, impressed. "Is lemonade your favorite drink?"

"Not quite." Seymour smiled wider. "I just saw this in a movie I once watched."

The two shared a heartfelt laughter, as Anaya finally returned to her somber tone.

"Listen, my love..." she said slowly. "I have important news to tell you, and this time I shall confer them to you."

"Very well, Anaya." Seymour said, smiling. "We are without interruptions. Please tell me."

She nodded, and needless to say, she was to the point.

"I have to leave you."



Seymour's smile was lost at that moment, as it slowly sunk to a confused expression.

"W-what...?" he asked, fearfully.

"I was contacted by Merlina a few days ago..." she elaborated. "She has found vestiges of her grandfather, the great Merlin... And in order to find him, the mission requires the guidance of the Grail... Myself..."

She looked away to hide her tears falling, with limited success.

"As your parents mean much to you... Merlin means a lot to me, as he does to Merlina..." she said, clearly saddened. "He took care of me when I was younger, and before he vanished... he left us naught but vague, cryptic messages. If one of them made Merlina question her duty like she once did... I need to see what the others mean... I need to make sure there was some good to him after all..."

She turned to look at him, crying in deep sadness.

"I wish I had told you sooner... I did not want to do it... But I must... I must find him, Seymour... I am deeply sorry..."

And with that, she was about to fall to her knees sobbing. Before Seymour held her on his arms.

"I understand..." he said, crying, but smiling all the same. "And sympathize... your quest is important, dear..."

He looked at her in the eyes.

"But please do not let me hold you back..." he continued. "You have someone dear to you that you must find, and as far as I know, the book of the Black Knight story will always be with me... I won't be going anywhere."

She smiled again, kissing him on the lips as he returned it. Once he let go, the portal opened behind her, her armor showing over her body.

"Will I ever see you again...?" he asked.

"If not me as I am... Then as I am in this realm."

As she looked behind herself, her hair began blowing backwards, as if caught in a wind tube, her eyes shining briefly. As it ended, Seymour's own gaze widened at her appearance. She then walked off with a final sendoff, entering the portal as it vanished, and leaving Seymour alone.

Alone... with Maria Robotnik.

Later that night, in São Paulo

Flavio went to bed for a good night's sleep, hoping he'd come across NiGHTS yet again, and have wonderful adventures while it lasted.

All he got was a nightmare of something staring at him from his bedroom mirror.

Something with red eyes.

===COMING UP NEXT!===================================================================

Digital domination is about to come, as the fantastic world of Digimon now approaches. Disturbances revolving around malfunctioning electronics cause mass hysteria all over Earth, but Ryan manages to determine the factor beforehand and sends in his councilmen to solve the issue. However, as the King and his fellows go missing right after departure, Doc manages to locate the problem as well: the creation of an entire world existing within the World Wide Web. In order to normalize the situation, Doc opens a new type of portal to send people into other universes so that Sonic and the others may trace the other Digital Worlds already existing to their cores, and discover how and why it is damaging their own Earth, all the while Flavio is finding problems with himself. Can the heroes and the Hero Children join forces to solve the problem? Will this new Digital World be completed? Where are the Councilmen and what are they up to? And what could be so intimidating that it would scare Flavio so much...?
Heir - Part 6 -End-
The last chapter of Heir! Hope you all enjoy it!
Thank you immensely to :iconarabian92knight: for her contribution with Anaya. Don't worry, she'll still be in these stories, in one way or another. Stay tuned!

Sonic & related characters (c) Sega.
Chris Thorndyke & related (c) Sonic Team.
Seymour Weever & related (c) me.
Anaya created by :iconarabian92knight:
Happy Easter, guys!!
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Thinking of changing my name to KnightOfTheStars or something like that. What do you guys say? 

10 deviants said Yes
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Thinking of changing my name to KnightOfTheStars or something like that. What do you guys say? 

10 deviants said Yes
6 deviants said No
No deviants said I have a suggestion (comment)


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